Coup! Senate says the President is Illegitimate

Okay, okay. So I’m talking about the UNO Student Government, but hey! That headline got your attention, didn’t it? Sorry to let you down.

Seriously, it appears that the UNO SG is spontaneously combusting. Rioting in the streets! Burning effigies! Pitchforks! Revolutionaries with berets and loudspeakers quoting from slim pamphlets of politically subversive theory! Or something like that. Here’s the lowdown:

Everything is pretty vague, but apparently a group of SG Senators, ominously calling themselves the “Opposition Party,” is claiming that President Jeraul Mackey dismissed a Senator from office without a proper hearing. The OP says that the real reason for this dismissal was that the Senator was attempting to call Mackey out on illegal policies.

The only example I’ve heard of these purported illegal policies is that Mackey approved a cutting of the SG budget while at the same time approving himself a raise. I don’t know whether this is illegal or not, but it may qualify him for office as a State Rep. You’re in the right state, Jeraul!

The really interesting thing here is that the official reason for the Senator’s dismissal, something to do with holding more than one office at a time, could also mean that Mackey himself is holding office illegitimately. All of his appointments would be illegitmate as well, if true.

Crazy. Is UNO in shock about all this? Are students wandering campus, listless, their faith in their leaders shaken to the foundation? Well, no. Nobody really cares about Student Government, of course, and most students only pick up the Driftwood if they need a makeshift umbrella. But I’m fascinated by this.

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