A modest offering to all New Orleans entrepreneurs

Like many potentially lucrative ideas, mine is merely an enhancement of current products. It’s not a groundbreaking paradigm shift, but it does capitalize on three innate tendencies of New Orleanians: celebration, procrastination and laziness.

So try this on for size:

Homeowners like to decorate their residences during the holidays by stringing Christmas lights around their property. It is common for such colored lights to be left up through Twelfth Night and beyond. Then Carnivale begins and (some) take down their X-mas lights and put up Mardis Gras colors. Others don’t redecorate for Mardis Gras, but might like to if there were an easier way.

Well, what if strings of holiday lights were available that could switch (with the press of a button) from green and red X-mas colors to the Mardis Gras colors of green, gold and purple? That is, what if you had lights that easily converted from one set of colors to another set? Wouldn’t that appeal to homeowners who enjoy decorating but would like to save time and money?

I’ll leave it to the design team to figure out the most effective way to do this. Perhaps double the lightbulbs per string would be required, or perhaps two separate strings would have to be attached to one another. Those with more electrical aptitude could handle such issues with ease, I’m sure. But the core idea is this:
colorful, convertible lights that let you decorate for X-mas and Mardis Gras in one step. Put them up, and simply press a button to switch themes from red/green to green/gold/purple. With a clever name and good marketing, I think this could work in the N.O. area.

So, whaddya think? Any additions or subtractions come to mind? Candid assessments are welcome.

Now, who else has a good idea that you’re not inclined to pursue but would like to share. Why not tell us about it now? Earlier rcs mentioned “seedless lemons”. Hell yes! I’d pay double the price for those, easy.

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