Dinosaur Day at the Zoo

Audubon Zoo Day May 9, 2009 (15)

I spent the day with Nick and Josh yesterday, the first time in a really loooong time since school has been so treacherous on my end. I wanted to take them to the Dinosaur Adventure at the Audubon Zoo but they don’t get out of school til the end of May, so we decided to go Saturday at the last minute.

It was so much fun. They loved the Dinos and we rode the carousel (though Josh was too scared at first, he finally decided to try it). They attempted the rock climbing wall and we enjoyed seeing some animals we missed last time, like the Giraffes. I got them each a nice t-shirt for their souvenier, we must have looked at every gift shop for just the right ones. . .

Then we went to lunch at Wendy’s, we always want salads after walking in the heat. However, Nick got 3 packs of Ranch Dressing! But it was our annual day for spoiling. They were super well-behaved as they mostly are, so I took them to Border’s to get one book each. They got a Simpon’s book which they were totally excited about and Josh picked out a nice Origami bargain book that came with paper too. He loves origami.

I have seen Nick’s school progress report, he had all C’s and a B in reading. I was happy about it, he seemed to have moved some grades up over the course of the year, a B in reading was super cool. Josh had gotten in trouble with fighting because of his special emotional needs and has been expelled but they said he has been doing work at home.

At one point at the zoo Josh read a long sign on one of the exhibits out loud, there were a couple tricky words and he got it 100% right ! I was very proud of him in front of all the people there, he got it right. But I am not so sure about the RSD’s putting him out and leaving him out. It’s a little bit beyond my jurisdiction as a neighborhood ‘aunt’ and so I am just mulling over it right now. He’s not a bad kid at all. Every once in a while he gets all Franken-Josh but not daily or anything. What are our tax dollars paying for if a kid can throw a fit and stay home? After all, if this is the case, who wouldn’t purposely throw a fit to get out of school?

We all had a wonderful time at the zoo on Saturday, later I went to work til 1am! But I relished the day. Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Next time we visit our goals are to get up the rock climbing wall and ring the bell and also to ride the train, which we haven’t done. Maybe get on a new carousel animal too!

Audubon Zoo Day May 9, 2009 (20)Nick getting his arm eaten by a dinosaur. . .

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