This Month In New Orleans Culture: Theater, Vetiver, And The World Air Sex Championship

New Orleans has been dealing with a lot of heavy stuff the past few months, what with all the oil and the heat and the threat of storms and the new mayor who simply refuses to to be stupid so that we, the citizens can have something to laugh at. (Thankfully, Maggie Gallagher fills the void. Thoroughly.)

Given all that, I’m thinking it’s time for a little break — just a little one — to look at some less vexing stuff:

1. New Orleans is losing (briefly, hopefully) a lovely woman, a fantastic writer, and a fabulous dog/house-sitter: Barbara Hermann. She plans to return later this year, but for now, she’s penned a beautiful adieu post about local parfumeur HovĂ© and its magnificent “vetivert” line.

2. Former New Orleanian Ralph McGinnis and his pal Sarah Keough have just published their second issue of Put A Egg On It, featuring essays by another former NOLA resident of note, Miss Susie K (anyone remember Candace’s On Conti?), as well as one of my best friends, culinary historian par excellence, Elizabeth Pearce. The issue runs a whole $7, including shipping.

3. The Air Sex World Championship will stop at the Howlin’ Wolf on Sunday, August 26 Thursday, August 19. Apparently, air sex is kind of like air guitar, only “simulated fingering” takes on a very different meaning: behold. I’d say that I’ll see you there, but that’s my birthday, and I’m going to get drunk and go bowling like a sensible person.

4. A certain theater company is remounting The Really Desperate Housewives of Stepford Parish this weekend at Le Chat Noir. You should buy your tickets now because it is 100% awesome. Also: it’s freakin’ hot outside, so what else are you gonna do?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled anxiety and heat index.

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  1. KatieLarlar (unregistered) on August 10th, 2010 @ 2:15 am

    This Friday I will be in New Orleans and it is Friday the 13th!!! I imagine that there must be some haunted, or exciting, or culturally unique events taking place, but I can’t seem to find anything! Do you know of anything really special going on this time of year?

  2. richard (rico) on August 10th, 2010 @ 4:39 am

    I don’t know of anything off-hand — after all, it IS August, when things are kinda slow. I’d’ keep an eye on, though. That site’s run by GAMBIT, which is our alt weekly paper, and they should have some listings of interest. If not, check their parent website,

    Oh, wait: there’s one BIG event on Saturday night — not scary, but fun. It’s called Dirty Linen Night, and it’s sort of a gallery walk down Royal Street. More info here:

    And the Bingo Show is going to be at Le Chat Noir — it doesn’t get too much more alt New Orleans than that.

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