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Monday, Bloody Monday

On Monday a friend reminded me of Movie Night. It

security blanked

About two years ago the city of New Orleans seemed to making an effort to clean up the French Quarter. It seemed as if there was a police officer on every other block. Also they started to clear out some of the street performs, artist and fortunetellers by enforcing permitting laws. The police presence did give the drunken tourist at least the illusion of safety, but at what cost to the locals? I

Internet and History

If you would have asked me six months ago, if I know what a blog was, I would have no idea what the hell you were talking about. To be honest, I

WTIX-FM is the greatest!

It’s hard to explain how and why 94.3 FM is one of the last and greatest treasures on our radio dial. Turn it on and you might hear some great 60’s New Orleans R&B like Lee Dorsey, but you’re just as likely to hear some awful 70’s pop garbage like Anne Murray or Paul Anka. What’s more, they’ll play these artists back to back as if it’s just being randomly selected from a GIANT playlist that spans over four decades. The format is “oldies,” but this is a very loose definition. Anything between 1957 and maybe 1983 seems to fit the bill. And not just anything between those years, but nearly everything that graced the charts. It’s easy to see why this might be a turn off for some people, but we need to savor this station and here’s why.

Hurricane-ey enough for you?

Bad couple of weeks for Shannon. First I have internet problems, then I run to Houston to escape from Crazy Ivan.

I must thank my perpetually petrified mother for swooping in and spiriting me out of the city way early. Otherwise I would have been like the rest of my friends without cars: hunkering down and hoping that I don

Vote today!

There are many great reasons to vote. You get to visit places like churches and high school gymnasiums you might not go during the course of an ordinary day. You get to talk to all sorts of interesting people, especially women of a certain age, with whom you might not ordinariliy converse. And, best of all, you get to have that dizzy feeling like you did back in junior high–you know, the one where you’re waiting in line for some unloved, mildly deformed secretary drone to look you up on a roster and give you your homeroom assignment, and all you can think about is, “What if I’m not on the list? What if I’m not on the list?” They’re all gonna laugh at you, Carrie, indeed.

But perhaps the best reason to vote today is to defeat Amendment 1, an ill-conceived, short-sighted, reactionary piece of legislative drivel that, if passed, will edge Louisiana ever-closer to usurping Alabama’s title (under George Wallace, at least) of Laughingstock of the Country. Please, do us all a favor: grab a cup of coffee, find your state or federal ID, schlep down to the polls, and punch those buttons!

Erase the Board

In my opinion, Saturday’s Orleans Parish School Board election results have statewide significance. The equation is simple: improving schools will make New Orleans more attractive to business, which will create jobs, and expand opportunity all around. If you’ve missed the Times-Picayune’s superb coverage of our grossly derelict School Board, then I would just say that in recent years the Board has presided over unconscionable levels of fraud, fiscal buffoonery and scholastic disgrace . Worse, the Board attempted to oust the new Superintendant who had begun the arduous process of cleaning this thing up. The whole mess has cheated everyone in the community, but most directly our city’s urban youth. It’s been an unmitigated disaster, an obscene squandering of human potential… To say that New Orleans’ urban (mostly black) youth are “educationally underserved” is like saying the Saints performed “imperfectly” against Seattle: a huge understatement. In short, the time has come (again) to “erase the board”, save for perhaps the two members who worked to retain Superintendant Amato.

Before Ivan / After Ivan

yesterday today

The kid in me likes the tasty frosting, but the grown-up in me thinks that erring on the side of caution can sometimes be an expensive, futile pain in the ass.

A drunken Russian named Ivan

I was one of those who decided not to evacuate for the hurricane. For a while I was unsure if I was going to stay or go. I thought that I would stay up all night and see if they could pin point where the hurricane would hit and then make a decision from there.

As it turns out, our decision to stay was the right one. Our friends tried to escape the storm by fleeing to different parts of Texas only to find 8 to 15 hour drives to get there. When we had talked to them they were all kicking themselves for leaving. Especially when we told them that the local news stations apocalyptic prediction had not come true, at least not this time.

I live right on the Jefferson and Orleans line in Metairie and there is a levee in our back yard to block the overflow of a canal that leads to the lake. Most of are neighbors are elderly and our street has a tendency to flood. So a lot of people decided to park on the levee in the hopes that the higher ground would save their vehicles from any water damage. When I was walking the dogs yesterday around dusk, I happen to look over at the cars and to my surprise there was a police officer writing tickets. It was just before anyone know where the hurricane was going to hit, the first few looters had just been arrested and they had just opened the super dome as a shelter. One has to wonder if there couldn

Mayor Nagin’s annoucement about Hurricane Ivan

NEW ORLEANS, LA; 3 pm CST. The Mayor and his supporting cast of officials are on TV addressing the populace. I have to admit I wasn’t paying close attention when he spoke about using the Superdome as a special shelter so I may have misunderstood what he said. I thought I heard him say that people who wanted to use the Superdome as a shelter could do so but there would be some basic ground rules: no alcohol, no knives, no guns, and no big-screen TVs.

Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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