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Stupidity, like love, is blind

A group of Mid-City residents aren

The Rumor Mill – Revisiting The Death of El Matador

It has been over a year since we mourned El Matador shutting its doors. We celebrated when the owner opened up One Eyed Jacks in the old Shim Sham, even putting the old bar in the back. We all thought Harry Anderson was going to open his magic club that was never going to work out.

I’m not one to gossip but…it turns out we might be right.

With all the construction and mess that currently passes itself off as the corner of Esplanade and Decatur, the buzz on the street is that construction has stopped and Harry has given up on opening his club for one reason or another.

The future of the corner is to be determined.

Walking on Bourbon Street

Always serves to remind me of the difference between the French Quarter I live in, and the one the tourists wish existed. My neighborhood, just a few blocks off Burbon on St. Philip and Burgundy, is mostly residential, and the few bars and grocery stores in the few blocks around me tend to locals. They’re mellow and friendly, and the Quarter sometimes has a small town feel to it, where everybody knows each other. It was always a city of eccentrics and artists, and has a rich, fascinating history that locals often make their own personal hobby.

Bourbon is a fantasy of the French Quarter. I’m always amazed at the number of souvenir stores selling exactly the same merchadise, and none of it seems especially native to New Orleans to me. I’ve already written about how cajun and zydeco are not specific to the city, but if you want real New Orleans music, like the Boswell sisters or Eddie Bo, you’re going to have to look on a street other than Bourbon. And, man, look at all the beads

Whole Foods Leaving Mid-City

This will be the second time I’ve written about grocery stores on this website. What can I say? I love grocery stores. That’s where the food comes from.

Jazz Funeral For Democracy
Listen to NPR this morning (Wednesday) for an interview with the event coordinators.

There are many speakers including noted historian Howard Zinn who is an obvious highlight.

Everyone is meeting at Armstrong Park on Rampart @ 10am. Sounds like events and after-parties flowing from this event are going all night long. This will definitely be worthy of a follow-up entry.

Michal-ripoff-oulos Square

I hadn’t walked around Jackson Square in a while, but did so this weekend. What struck me was the near uniformity of the graphic art street vendors. Nearly every other artist there was showcasing some Michalopoulos look-a-likes, with the skewed, drunken New Orleans architecture. I purposely purchased a couple of paintings from one of the few painters actually attempting to do something original, rather than shamelessly copy someone else.

I guess the knockoffs sell, but still– why not develop your own style?

Moon over Bourbon Street

This fall, the Crescent City drops trou and welcomes visitors to the one conference it was born to host: the ass conference. Or rather, the äss conference.

They’ve got the braunschweiger, and we’ve got the back. It’s a match made in Hinterglemm.

[Link courtesy of Tyler.]

Buddy “D”– gone at 73

From the T-P:

Bernard “Buddy” Diliberto, the beloved and bombastic New Orleans sports commenator, died late Friday of a massive heart attack at his home in Metairie, according to his son. He was 73.

Diliberto amused listeners with his regular malapropisms, such as his referring to former Saints quarterback Kenny “The Snake” Stabler as “Steak Snabler,” calling Saints receiver Donte Stallworth, “Donte Stallpepper,” and uttering “torn lee nigaments” instead of torn knee ligaments. That on top of his heavy lisp and sometimes mangled speech mystified non-New Orleanians who heard him on the air, but only further endeared him to his loyal fans.

The New Orleans area is full of characters, and Buddy D was certainly one. For better or worse, his local accent was broadcast to listeners in 40 states. This morning on WWL 870am sports broadcasters were speculating this could be the biggest funeral in the city’s history? Is that even remotely possible?

To Buddy’s credit, no one who heard him felt neutral about him. How do you think he should be sent off?

Update: Jeffrey shares some fine thoughts about Buddy.

Party cancelled

Sorry folks, but the necessary supplies for tonight’s shindig will not arrive in time. We’ll have to postpone.

WESTWEGO (AP) – A 790-foot tanker struck a Mississippi River pier today causing a chemical spill.

The Coast Guard says the accident apparently caused an undetermined amount of caustic soda to spill from pipes at the pier. Contractor cleanup crews have responded to the spill.

The tanker, the Tsunami, struck the pier before noon at Westwego, across the river from New Orleans. The Coast Guard says the ship was carrying caustic soda, molasses and lube oil.

Please Excuse My Skin’s Unfortunate Color

Most of my acquaintance with urban living comes through having lived in New Orleans for the last five years. Living in the city has it’s advantages but, more and more, I could move out because, the more experience I have, the less safe I feel as being of minority race.

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