Lee Circle of Life

Maybe you’ve noticed…Lee Circle isn’t so desolate at 2am any longer. Welcome, “On The Run”…our newest downtown tobacco, beer and energy plant. And yes, the gas is cheaper.

But turn your head to the left, follow the tracks around past Cirque rental room inn, and there, mere feet from Exxon’s newest exploit lies our dear, old, beloved Lee Circle Shell.
You can compare the price for unleaded, and almost as if Exxon didn’t exist, the Shell station touts a bounty of 12 cents more…and I’m ready and willing to pull that dime and two pennies from my car’s ashtray/coin hole any day of the week.

I remember moving to NOLA and finding respite in Lee Circle Shell, open all the time…and stocked with some of the most interesting women working the register…I even earned the name “Messy” from one of them. Yeah, “Messy.” Almost like a fortune teller on the square, Maya Angelou behind the counter handing me my Marlboros has yet to explain the nickname to me…

The owner of the place, a woman who when I first stepped foot in the door of the Lee Circle Shell, bitching and moaning because my Dos Equis was way high in the American peso equivalent…said confidently to me, (price list in hand), “So tell me how much you’d pay for that somewhere else, then”.

I recoiled. And I returned.

As Exxon sprouted up, I began to wonder if I could stand the resistance. Almost like a silent protest, loyal Lee Circle Shell customers return..

But there’s more to the story, as I found out in the latest issue of my Human Rights Campaign (BIG BLUE EQUAL SIGN STICKER PEOPLE) newsletter. After affixing the always included yellow and blue sticker to my hatchback proudly, I noticed an article about how Exxon/Mobil removed domestic partner benefits from their corporate policies. Now, I’m no activist of sorts, but that equal sign sticker suddenly related to Lee Circle.

Shell, offers domestic partner benefits. Shell is chosen as the receiver of my soul – my cash. I won’t step wheel nor foot across the street from here on, as the circle truly did come full with the realization that…

I love the locals. I love loyalty. And now, as I pay that 12 cents more a gallon and carry my XX out the door of Lee Circle Shell, I realize I’m now paying…not only to keep a landmark and support the owning couple of the Shell as they continue to charge more to a point that up until now, came with a sly grin of “yeah, we’re the only ones around”…to watching them still do so…and my twelve cents now goes not only to show I care in some awkward way that Shell stay…but I’m paying in protest to a company across the street that thinks kissing boys is just not worthy.

My gas tank has connected to my wallet, my beliefs, my sexuality, my midnight cravings…in truth, Lee Circle Shell has caused everything that is me, to relate backward to the unleaded…and has proven how even the gas station on the corner reeks through and through with the light of nola, the meaning of our city, and when I buy my menthol lights, in essence, the shell station connects to my death.

There’s a lot going on at that Lee Circle Shell…
Not to mention the General Lee parked overnight randomly during the movie month a while back…almost as if Bo and Luke needed some work done…

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