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The other food guy

Let it be known that there is another New Orleans Foodie with a blog: Uptown Kevin–banker by day, bartender on weekends, lover of food and drink 24/7. Kevin has compiled lots of information about New Orleans restaurants. His site is an excellent resource for anyone who enjoys dining out–visitors and locals alike.

Ethan Hawke is an Asshat


Little Freddie King

Little Freddie King’s first Fat Possum album has been released — finally! Order your copy here. Now.

An Example of Rare Local Ambition: Update

Hear World Leader Pretend from this past Friday’s KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic here.

They’ll be back home for Jazzfest.

Link: Original Entry


At this web page, PBS tries to explain Cajun English.

Food guy

On Appetites, local lawyer Robert D. Peyton blogs about “food and eating[, r]estaurant reviews, recipes and the like.” In lieu of a blog roll, he has a collection of links to web sites about food. His archives include a list of web sites for local restaurants.

Response to David Brooks’s piece

Last week, David Brooks wrote a piece about gluttony at Antoine’s, which was noted here. Though I’m sure he meant well, the reviews haven’t been good. For instance:

Democratic Underground: Bobo the nearsighted pundit!
Gawker: David Brooks: Even more boring than you imagined.
Robert Peyton on his blog, Appetites.
And finally, our own Oyster: New Orleans: Not Bobo’s world.

Did social and financial conservatism kill the Crescent City?

New Orleans is having a month-long celebration of John M. Barry’s Rising Tide: the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and how it changed America, as part of a community-wide effort to fight illiteracy. I’m anxious to attend some of the events and discussion goups which are part of this laudable effort. Yesterday I just finished the book, which couldn’t have been better. If you want to get smart fairly quickly, read Barry’s books. Like Robert Caro, Barry gives you far more than you expect in a gripping, page-turning narrative. Most importantly (again like Caro), he brings you into the secret meetings of powerful men behind closed doors, where so much of consequence is decided.

So, at the end of Rising Tide, Barry writes a veritable epitaph for New Orleans. Once the wealthiest city in America, the old “Queen of the South” fell long and hard in the 20th century. Berry charts some of the reasons for New Orleans’ degeneration, and doesn’t sugarcoat it:

An open letter to the Irish


Dear Irishmenandwomen of New Orleans:

Please stop celebrating now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys. You’re always good for a joke or a drink or a joke about drinking. And baby, no one has looked that good in green since Tawny Kitaen.

But yo, seriously, cut it out.

Your parades, they’re all over the place. Everywhere I go, every backstreet I take to avoid you, I turn the corner, and you’re there. It’s a little like Aliens, but with green beer.

And your music at these parades–where’s the “Danny Boy”? Where’s the Clannad? Where’s the U2, for freakincrissake? All I hear is Lionel Richie, and honey, he may be black, but he ain’t black Irish.

I’m asking you nicely, now. St. Paddy’s Day is over and done. Please give me back my life and my streets and my regular, horse piss-colored beer. Don’t make me come out there with my tam-o-shanter and my cudgel–I’ll go totally druidic on your asses. I mean it.

A Partially Irish American Who’s Totally Over It

Beads, Zydeco, Jambalaya, Cancer

Like New Orleans didn’t have enough means to ruin our reputation locally, Pepsi (the owner of KFC) is now making “New Orleans” synonymous with “cancer” in China.

From the Danwei blog on advertising and media in China:

“The front page of today’s Beijing News dedicates the headline and photo to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). The company has openly admitted that the presence of Sudan I – a red, chemical dye which is thought to contribute to cancer – has been discovered in two products sold on the Chinese market: the ‘New Orleans Roast Chicken Wings’ and the ‘New Orleans Roast Chicken Legs’. As of yesterday, these two Southern chickens will not be seen around the Capital for some time.”

There goes our brand image, once again, down the tubes.

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