Hurrah for Harrah’s?

Little man in the air…yes, I’m looking at you…the guy in the director’s seat of that huge-ass crane…towering above the green globe…that adorns the top of Harrah’s world of orgy-like “fun”.

You’re building what? Oh, a hotel?
Wait, and word on the street is that you’ll be developing the alleyways that stretch back to the Warehouse District as well? To create a living, breathing, “hopeful” community where gamblers gather? Oh, and it will be exclusive as well? I gotcha.
(These facts confirmed by the Marketing/Development Director of the local Harrah’s location)

Basically, our city has given much freedom and exclusivity to Harrah’s. They have given them incentives to build the hotel, the ability to be LAND-BASED, and the ability to make civic moves that some would label unwarranted…some.

And as they turn that crane and build the hotel for the money-hungry to sleep between stints of magical sheets of cash…or the contrast, as well…do we agree?

I really don’t mind at all. Bring them…keep giving New Orleans the fraction of glamour you provide…

Why am I so agreeable? When in the past I’ve stood so completely against the loss of local flavor for the sake of corporate growth?

Well, in short, they won me over.
I tripled my money the other night…
They win. Because I won.

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