Mad tourists

I’d have loved to have seen the red-faced, blubbering anger this caused in some of the more high-strung Joe and Jane Tourists….

The entertainment value of seeing these fanny-pack-wearing, pig-eyed, camera-toting rubes tottering around the Quarter is simply priceless.

Could the Cafe du Monde survive without them?

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  1. sacclay (unregistered) on July 13th, 2005 @ 11:14 am

    could you survive without them? i mean let’s face it bro, if it werent for pig-eyed, camera toting tourists visiting where would we all be?

    i mean consistent murder capital champion and/or runner up every year, dirty ass streets, homless shit bags, third world educational system, corrupt politicians, humidity, bad roads, high real estate prices, street crime, and a bunch of ‘i’m better than you’ locals. who in the hell would be here at all if those pig-eyed tourists didnt bring there wallets to the quarter every year.

    we all agree that it’s funny as hell to see somone on Bourbon street wearing a feather boa, pimp hat, holding a Big Ass Beer, and wearing beads…in the middle of July. But like it or not they and their wallets and their eating out and hotel rooms and rental cars and plane tickets and imax visits, and aquarium tickets, and whatever else drives this town. and your right, it’s funny. but like it or not, this town is a tourist attraction. plain and simple and without the French Quarter it wouldnt be shit.

    so why dont you just give it a rest with the “i hate tourists” bullshit. ace.

  2. Tyler (unregistered) on July 13th, 2005 @ 4:16 pm

    MMMMMmmmmm. Beignets at Cafe du Monde. Cawfeeee. I love coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde. They’re brilliant.

    Founded in 1862 and still going for a reason, dude.

  3. Craig (unregistered) on July 13th, 2005 @ 4:41 pm

    Where in my post did I say I hate tourists? I was just commenting on their entertainment value, which is considerable. But this entire city depends on them. As funny as some of them look, their dollars are still green.

    Take me to New York City and I’m as big a rube as they are.


  4. sacclay (unregistered) on July 13th, 2005 @ 5:10 pm

    i guess i am just looking for someone to stray from the typical “look at the funny tourist” thread and get into something different, ie. not the who owned your house in 18whatever, your car breaking down in Alexandria, or how cool the backroads of Houma can be. sorry Craig, nothing personal, although that is what it sounds like.

    and tyler, dude you are right, they HAVE been there for a reason, cuze they are mmm mmm good.

  5. Craig (unregistered) on July 13th, 2005 @ 5:51 pm

    …then I am open to suggestions for topics. Anything to make this space more readable and appealing to you. But, then again, it appears you’ve been reading most everything up to this point.

    Wait — maybe you were one of my editors at the AP. Too late — I have left your employ and no longer have to listen to or care about your impressions of what I write.

  6. sacclay (unregistered) on July 14th, 2005 @ 8:56 am

    on the contrary, I usually pipe in about once a week on something, i guess you can say i am the resident critic.

    not surprising that you’ve dealt with my kind before.

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