New Orleans Business Brief

1) In the past, Lamarque Motor Corp. has advertised its auto dealerships using the slogan “We’re here to stay, we’re not going away.”

Guess what? One by one, they are going away.

2) To those who’ve been wondering for the past three years when the Cosmic Creamery ice cream shop on Calhoun (above Claiborne) would stop advertising and actually open its doors to the public… well, wait no longer! They’ve been open (sporadically) over the past month and are now ready to serve you on a more regular basis.

You can judge for yourselves whether it was worth the wait. I can only tell you: the strawberry ice cream is, urm… creamy, and the pineapple-basil sorbet is, urm… interesting.

3) Looking for a growth industry in Louisiana? Why not consider the hurricane shutter and storm paneling market?

4) I’d never dare speak for the other N.O. Metrobloggers, but I’m awfully proud to see a new, serious (and business-savvy!) Pauly Shore on the sidebar as a Metblogs patron. That is really cool, and I’m sure his new show on TBS will surpass even our wildest expectations. Guaranteed laughs!

5) And on a totally unrelated note, while driving on the I-10 through Kenner, you may notice a large billboard advertising “Cretin Homes”. For nearly thirty years Cretin Homes has been southern Louisiana’s smart choice.

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  1. Craig (unregistered) on July 14th, 2005 @ 7:18 am

    Thanks for the Saturday night tip.

    …and I agree with you about Cretin Homes. It’s particular apropos in Kennah.

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