Baton Rouge

We’ve been spending a lot more time in the Baton Rouge area lately, thanks to business, and I’ve gotten to where I enjoy the trip. My previous experience up there has been 1) driving through on the way to someplace else or 2) taking my daughter to soccer camp at LSU for two summers a few years ago.
It reminds me a lot of Tallahassee, being home to the state capitol and a major university. My previous experience had been limited to areas near LSU (which is mostly nice) or along I-10 (which basically sucked). But I’m seeing more of the residential areas these days and the people have been very, very nice. But it’s a political town as well, meaning it’s got a healthy share of resident jerks like any other town. I’ll try to locate the lobbyist and political enclaves and steer clear.

We’re finally getting out a bit more here in New Orleans as well. We’ve leargely been limited to work-related acquaintances or those we’ve run into at the neighborhood places. But this evening we’ll be going to a gathering of Website folks at The Bulldog on Canal Blvd. Good beer and reasonable bar food, so it oughta be a good time.

This week has been a clear reinforcement of all I’ve heard about a New Orleans Summer. Heat indexes of 105-110, making it more like Rangoon. We tried to spend a little time walking in The Quarter yesterday, but wound up getting back in the car and heading for shelter at Igor’s Garlic Clove on St. Charles.

The air conditioner seems to be forming its own weather system inside the house. The cold air comes in okay, but when it tries to force itself upstairs to the vent in the loft, the warmer humid air upstairs creates condensation that literally rains down to the floor behind the filter downstairs. Gotta find a way to solve that for sure.

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