10 Random Things I’ll Miss About New Orleans

While my move out of the country to the Caymans was delayed, I had some extra time to think about all the things I’d miss about New Orleans.

Beyond the obvious friends, family, food, and general decadence, the following is a small snapshot in no specific order:

1. The ability to party literally 24 hours a day. There are few places in the world where no matter what time one is awake seven days a week, one can find a place to have a drink and socialize, creating almost any occasion into a celebration.

2. The open container law. To be able to walk from place to place with a go-cup and not feel the pressure to finish or consume more than one would like in a given time is divine.

3. The characters and stimulation of the French Quarter. More entertainment and lasting memories than any television could ever hope to provide.

                                                                            "Boo Hoo."

4. 80s night at One Eyed Jacks: The only club night I’ve experienced in the city where locals from every race, sexual orientation, and social status come together on a consistent basis to have a blast.

5. The dancer from One Eyed Jacks that I’ve always been intimidated by.

6. The architecture and culture. It’s hard to believe that we’re actually a part of the United States.

7. Trash pickup twice a day, 6 days a week.

8. The abundance of fantastic live music.

9. The year-round special festivals, events, and holidays. In particular: Jazzfest, Frenchman on Halloween, and French Quarter Fest. (See #1) If I was forced, I’d trade in Mardi Gras for those three any day of the week.

10. The “large town” feeling. While the city is large enough to provide a good amount of stimulation, it’s small enough so that one can easily bump into an infinite amount of people that one knows around the city. Sure, this “Cheers” quality is comforting in the same way that it’s suffocating at times. That’s why any good resident knows you have to leave to come back.

One thing I won’t end up missing is Metroblogging – Look for me in the near future on the launch of a Caribbean focused metroblog.
[See the extended entry for some of the favorite posts of my own since we launched exactly 11 months ago today. A big thanks goes out to everyone who took the time to read and comment on my posts, my fellow authors in New Orleans, and all the people behind the scenes at Metroblogging.com that make it what it is.]

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  1. Craig (unregistered) on July 31st, 2005 @ 11:46 am

    ….and your leadership and posts will also be missed.

    After some time spent living in Florida, it would be neat to live someplace where you have to go NORTH to get to Cuba.

    We look forward to the new posts from down-island.

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