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The Only One That Works

FYI before anyone near the quarter thinks about vacuuming their car at a gas station, you might want to go straight to the Shell station all the way up Canal in Mid-City (which contains the only one in working order) instead of being a fool and trying every gas station between Elysian Fields and beyond downtown.


A shame

It bugs me when I see opportunity being wasted, particularly when there is so much potential for greatness.

Case in point — the old LatinAmerican Club building at the corner of Third and Magazine. Here’s a two-story building with a full kitchen space, a reasonably lengthy bar, two (good) pool tables and large French doors that open onto Magazine. It had been open most nights until about two weeks ago, when it closed tight as the proberbial drum.

The clientele varied but was consistent in its smallness. I never saw more than a dozen people in there, even though there was a brief stab at serving (good) oysters. We tried to help as much as we could, stopping by for at least one drink 3-4 times a week or more.

I don’t know if it’s licensing problems, a lack of marketing ability, shortness of money or what. But the location alone (near The Rendezvous, The Balcony Bar, Parasol’s and a dozen other spots) makes it a goldmine waiting to happen. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?


The tenth annual Dining for Life fundraiser is today, and NO/AIDS sure makes it easy to participate. Just eat at one of these restaurants and they’ll donate 25% of their proceeds to support HIV prevention education, testing, counseling and health services.

Bon appetit!

What can it hurt?

Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Rosalie Alley

For those not interested in attending the theatre on Saturday night, perhaps this might be of interest. It’ll be led by Voodou priestess Sallie Ann Glassman, who, despite her name, is most definitely the real deal…


WHAT: Public prayer ceremony dedicated to Our Lady of Prompt Succor (who has intervened historically on New Orleans

This Saturday Night…

I don’t usually promote events, but I’m afraid of a great one slipping through the cracks.

Some great bands are playing this Saturday night at One Eyed Jack’s, topping off the screening of “Wayne County Ramblin’,” a film made by local rapscallion Dan Rose.

The movie starts at 9p.m. and is followed by performances from the Reigning Sound and Lyres. That’s right, 80’s garage legends Lyres, flown in straight from Boston. If you are old enough to remember the mid 1980’s college radio hits “Don’t Give It Up Now” and “Help You Ann” you may have heard their music. What these songs don’t tell you is that Lyres were flat-out one of the best party bands of the last 20 years, and they continue to floor audiences in Boston and New York City to this day. Their last New Orleans show was over a decade ago, and they may never make it back again. You don’t want to miss this.

The Reigning Sound, from Asheville, North Carolina are not to be missed either. It’s hard to describe this band without sounding like an idiot- their influences are so varied, their sound not easily pigeonholed. I’ll just say that if you’re a fan of Nick Spitzer’s “American Routes” radio show or especially “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” you ought to be there.

I’ll stop with the plugs now. To summarize, if you’re looking for something to do Saturday night, and you like rock ‘n roll, you should consider it.

New Orleans Business Brief

1) In the past, Lamarque Motor Corp. has advertised its auto dealerships using the slogan “We’re here to stay, we’re not going away.”

Guess what? One by one, they are going away.

2) To those who’ve been wondering for the past three years when the Cosmic Creamery ice cream shop on Calhoun (above Claiborne) would stop advertising and actually open its doors to the public… well, wait no longer! They’ve been open (sporadically) over the past month and are now ready to serve you on a more regular basis.

You can judge for yourselves whether it was worth the wait. I can only tell you: the strawberry ice cream is, urm… creamy, and the pineapple-basil sorbet is, urm… interesting.

3) Looking for a growth industry in Louisiana? Why not consider the hurricane shutter and storm paneling market?

4) I’d never dare speak for the other N.O. Metrobloggers, but I’m awfully proud to see a new, serious (and business-savvy!) Pauly Shore on the sidebar as a Metblogs patron. That is really cool, and I’m sure his new show on TBS will surpass even our wildest expectations. Guaranteed laughs!

5) And on a totally unrelated note, while driving on the I-10 through Kenner, you may notice a large billboard advertising “Cretin Homes”. For nearly thirty years Cretin Homes has been southern Louisiana’s smart choice.

Mad tourists

I’d have loved to have seen the red-faced, blubbering anger this caused in some of the more high-strung Joe and Jane Tourists….

The entertainment value of seeing these fanny-pack-wearing, pig-eyed, camera-toting rubes tottering around the Quarter is simply priceless.

Could the Cafe du Monde survive without them?

The mirror has two or more faces

The last bit of an apparently vehement, lengthy conversation between two schizophrenic homeless people, which I overheard Sunday morning as I biked through Jackson Square:

“Bitch, you got to get yourself a mirror and talk that shit out.”

Which proves that (a) we’ve got some clever nutcases in the Quarter, and (b) sometimes just hearing the punch line is better than sitting through the whole joke.

Zen for the Day

Sold at the toy shop next to Tower Records on Decatur – Notice how a windbreaker is equivalent to one and a half pieces of poo.

Computers are a fad – like television

There’s a little-known group of corporate shills down on Prytania calling themselves the Louisiana Technology Council. They claim to be

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