What would Big Daddy do?

Yesterday’s Times Picayune Business section had an article about developers who are trying to convert the hideous, polluted, brown-checkerboarded monstrosity known as Asbestos Plaza Tower into luxury condos. The catch is that the developers want taxpayers to subsidize their project, saying “It’s in the city’s best interest to get rid of the asbestos and mold and the eyesore.”

While many might agree with that line of reasoning, I was alerted to another potential solution from conservative political commentator Jeff Crouere, host of the raucous “Politics with a Punch”. Jeff recently praised former-gov. Mike “Big Daddy” Foster for his “remedy” to the black mold infestation of the Governor’s mansion during his term. Reportedly, Big Daddy “resisted recommendations to have the work done when he lived at the mansion. Instead, he put filters over the vents when they started spewing black soot.”

Jeff Crouere applauds Big Daddy’s thoughtful decision (my emphs):

In a poor state like Louisiana, Foster’s actions sent a signal to the people that he didn’t demand royal treatment, luxury or mansion renovations. In fact, most families in our state would have dealt with the problem in the same way as Foster did. In this regard, Foster made the right decision.

So, have we adequately considered this “air-filter option” for Plaza Tower? Looks like it could save a helluva lotta time and money.

Perhaps the city could pay for new air-filters and the developers could cover over the rest of the problems in like manner. New residents could be moving in by the end of the year, I’d suspect. Sure, the sales prices on the $350/sf condos might have to be adjusted a bit, but Louisiana would be sending a powerful “signal” to other cities that “this is how we do it, here in the ‘Gret Stet'”.

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  1. Craig (unregistered) on August 10th, 2005 @ 12:36 pm

    …where the motto is “Dat’ll Do Fo’ Now.”

  2. jfbiii (unregistered) on August 10th, 2005 @ 3:16 pm

    Doesn’t quite seem to be in the same ballpark as a $330 million-dollar taxpayer-bought, Benson-owned stadium. These guys would at least be coming up with more than 80% of the financing.

    It’d be nice to see something worthwhile done with the building. I’ve liked it ever since I was a kid. You have to admit, it’s MUCH more stylish than the “World’s Largest Urinal Cake” we built next to the Superdome.

  3. Jim (unregistered) on August 10th, 2005 @ 3:54 pm

    Hmmm, didn’t Mike Foster choose not to live in the Govnuh’s mansion.

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