Real police don’t run

Officer Dumas Carter, NOPD, is an eight-year veteran who was one of just six NOPD officers at the Convention Center, on duty, for the storm and the hellish period following. This first-hand on-the-ground account covers a lot of ground, and Officer Carter pulls few punches. Great job, sir.

The day before, we all go in for roll call and we’re basically told that we’re reporting for work and we pretty much won’t be able to leave until this is over. Some of [the officers] were whining, but all week long we had been told, you’re a police officer, and once you go active we’re going to be on active duty for the remainder. Make sure that your families are out and your houses are taken care of, because we can’t have you worrying about your family, your house, your dog, and be a police officer. That made sense to me. But a lot of people were like, fuck this, I’ve got to go with my family. So they left. My district wasn’t like any other district. Ninety-eight percent of the people stayed. The Sixth District. The real district. Fort Apache. You’ve seen that on the news.

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  1. Jon (unregistered) on September 27th, 2005 @ 5:52 pm

    I agree, Hatesdumbasses!! I agree! I think the milk should be intentionally sour. Otherwise there is no incentive. Also apply this to Native American Indians. They have it easier. You should live by the words of JFK: “Let us not ask what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country.” Rise up people and do something besides complain. Elect competent people, question your politician’s actions, and hold them accountable. It will not get better until you do!!

    PS: Goto school and learn grammar!

  2. Tasha (unregistered) on September 28th, 2005 @ 11:31 pm

    Jon, who are the other people it applies to (besides the Native Americans). It sounds like you are racist. Is that so?

  3. Bianca Rey (unregistered) on September 29th, 2005 @ 12:25 pm

    As far as planning an evacuation from the city, all who lay blame to Mayor Nagin, and Gov. Blanco, are both right and incorrect. Under the rules of our new “Homeland Security” Blanco and Nagin both had the right to call for a mandatory evacuation. However there is NO legal presidence in ANY state to organize buses in any manner to evacuate citizens before Katrina hit. The problem isn’t money, busses, or fuel, it’s about drivers. If you were a New Orleans bus driver would you want to drive a bus of poor evacuees? There is no legal presidence to compel these drivers to do so either.

    The next thing to think about is liability, not if but when an accident occurs who is liable? Texas is going to find out real soon. The bus that exploded in route to Dallas wasn’t even authorized to carry passengers under normal circumstances, let alone under strenuous use. The state of Texas gave special dispensation under the circumstances to that company. Let us compare the “Houston Evacuation” (read Houston parking lot) to the New Orleans evacuation. There is no comparison! The Louisiana evacuation was a resounding success, we’ve had years of practice. Everyone who could leave the city left. Houston failed miserably in its performance, only 1/4th of the population attempted to leave. Most never made it to their destination, there was a gas shortage, not a car shortage.

    All this talk of wasting space in vehicles is unfounded. Every evacuation I’ve had has been in a vehicle packed to the brim with animals, family, and just tiny scraps of your possessions. All this talk of “giving your car to strangers, instead of leaving them to flood” is a joke. Do a little soul searching, are you going to give your SUV to some person simply because they are poor? I doubt it.

    They had also been calling for a Voluntary Evacuation as early as 4 days prior to the storm. I’m not sure any non-New Orleanians realize this, but work doesn’t simply let you leave your job during a voluntary evacuation. Some don’t even let you leave during a mandatory evacuation. I can attest to the fact. It’s a simple economic fact. The next part of the story is where do you go? If you had a car you can’t goto a shelter, you must be transported there. Would you leave your animals? You can’t fault the people of New Orleans for not leaving, most had good reasons for staying. Many stayed simply because they knew there would be many in need.

    The next major point is they didnt have to leave. The damage sustained was from a man-made catastrophe. Does it make sense that only one side of a levee was damaged, and not the the other? The fact is the construction company damaged that levee by allowing heavy machinery to rest on it during recent construction of the Hammond bridge over the 17th street canal. Which by the way was only completed a week or so before Katrina struck, and within feet of where the breach occured. All this information will come out soon. Trust me. Further more, both President Bush and the levee board are at fault for the levees’ condition. Bush by cutting funding, and the levee board for squandering it. The administration in 2003 promised to match the parish dollar for dollar with grants from FEMA for any improvements to the levee, or water pumping capabilities. The parish dutifully followed trusting the govt to its word, and when we had spent our half, and were half-way done Bush cut the funding. The levee board would rather spend money on riverboat casinos and the Mardi Gras fountain than levees.

    In many areas of disaster avoidance and recovery the State is incredible, and other ways we are woefully inadequate. All of you who are blaming the citizens and leadership of Louisiana, and calling us Bush bashers, please take this oppurtunity to review emergancy preparedness in your city. We are no worse than your city I assure you. This Homeland Security monstrosity has weakened us incalcuably, and it is affecting you whether you believe or not. The focus and efforts of this govt have been on terrorism, I dare you to say we are safer from outside threats! Take this as an oppurtunity to realize the strength of America rests in its people not its govt. Please learn from our mistakes, don’t expect help it won’t come. Do what you need to protect your family, and understand this could very well be you, show some compassion to your fellow man. If you think its inexcusable to rebuild NoLa because of the price tag, we’re spending at least that much to rebuild Iraq, and Afghanistan. Not to mention the wasteful porkbarrel spending within the govt. We had a surplus, before Bush started cutting taxes, it was there for a reason. We were saving it for a rainy day. Then Bush pissed on ours legs and told us it’s raining. Guess who’s here for the reconstruction effort many of the same companies in Iraq, and without competitve bidding. That doesn’t piss you off?

    What next, is he going to declare a war on natural disasters? What we need is war on ineptitude and beauracracy! Can I get an amen?

    PS People are on welfare because having a job pays significantly less than doing nothing. Are you gonna struggle and starve just to work so some middle class blow joe won’t complain? Many do. Before you complain about subsidizing welfare, look into corporate welfare, bridges to nowhere, training for foreign militants, and declaring war in multiple countries at once. They spend ridiculously more than social welfare programs do. I think we need to pay for job education, and give SBA loans instead of welfare, let them make their own jobs. At least give the money to schools, or vouchers for children’s necessities. We all failed you, me, and our elected officials. No hands are clean.

  4. Jon (unregistered) on September 29th, 2005 @ 4:19 pm

    Hi Tasha,

    Thank you for your concern but I am not a racist. I am a patriot. I’ve volunteered to support my country as a Nat’l Guardsman. But I am tired of working too much and 20% of my income going to taxes. There is a disparity. I’m about to fly down to help in the Katrina aftermath. Me, my crew, and helicopter will do a lot of good delivering supplies to Americans…black, white, brown, rainbow, or whatever!

    Donate your after-tax money to the Red Cross. Lend your arm so you can donate blood! Donate your old clothing and sundries to battered Women’s shelters. Elect competent officials and hold them accountable!

    Again, thank you for your concern.

  5. Ross (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 9:14 pm

    When Katrina hit New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama, I prayed and gave. I felt so much compassion for all those that had lost everything. However, just days “after” I questioned my concern for New Orleans. Never Mississippi and Alabama. New Orlean’s leaders and authorities have made me feel like they don’t deserve the outpouring of support and aid that this country has given them. Those of good concious and character (the majority)left, and those that stayed behind give me question. I see corruption and downright “evil” there today. And I don’t think they are deserving of America’s sympathy and compassion. Additionally, the criminals thatleft that city now have taken other cities their “victims”. No longer does the City of New Orleans deserve the concern of the good people of this nation and the support that will only contribute to their immoral actions. I never felt this way before, but I believe so diffrently now. So sad, but I believe, so true. I’m now just ANGRY!

  6. Ann (unregistered) on October 11th, 2005 @ 6:28 am

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge the entire city based on the actions of a few. When you say the City of N.O., you are INCLUDING “Those of good concious and character (the majority).” When the NYPD put what 13 shots?, into the BACK of an unarmed man, no one said NYC as a whole, much less the victims of 9/11, weren’t deserving of compassion and support.

    I think there is a double-standard being applied to N.O., and not simply viz-a-viz the P.D. Because the city is less than 1/3 of it’s previous size and under intense scrutiny, every incident is plastered across the screens and newspapers, being hyper-analyzed.

    Give N.O. and her citizens “of good concious and character (the majority)” soem breathing room, please.


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