Now I get it….

From the days of the Vietnam conflict to today’s fighting in Iraq, I’ve never understood why someone who goes to war can come back home, re-enlist and volunteer to go back to the fighting, after they’ve done their bit. I know the American soldier fights for his/her buddy more than for an ideal, but I’ve still wondered why anyone would want to go back to those kinds of conditions, particularly when someone is trying to kill you.

But I think, now, I’m getting an idea.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not equating what we have been through in this hurricane and aftermath to going into a shooting war. Our house is fine, the neighborhood is basically okay and, though the business is wrecked and I’m beyond frustration with our federal government, we’re among the very lucky few who actually have something to go back to. And, of course, no one is trying to kill us. Yet. That I know of.

But I’m now in Dallas (again) for a couple of days to do some family things and now I DO understand the nearly manic desire and need to get back to the mess to share in what’s going on. We have neighbors who need help. There’s an economy to revive. There’s a mess to clean up. In short — there are jobs to do and, because we are part of the fabric, that’s where we belong. That’s despite the smells, the lack of power, the trash heaps, the uncertainty of basic services and all the rest of it.

So I think I understand a little more this evening. At least I hope so. I’ve always thought it’s good to be part of Something Much Larger. I just hope like hell we can get it moving in a good direction.

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