Film means always having to say you’re sorry

Two NOPD officers were fired for their role in beating a man on Bourbon that was caught on film. A third officer was suspended for 120 days because of his attempt to interfere with the press people taping the incident.

“This case became highly publicized through the media,” [police association president Lt. David] Benelli said. “In light of the worldwide media frenzy these officers were placed under, it was impossible for them to receive a fair investigation.”

If by “fair investigation” he means a free pass for unreasonably beating someone during an arrest, then I must agree.

I have no idea if Benelli believes the words bullshit spewing from his mouth in this instance or not. I suppose it’s inevitable that we have to listen to people who are paid to say something regardless of what they actually know or think about the matter. But in reality-based America, even the most ignorant among us are able to see the type of Orwellian assertion made by Benelli for the outright lie that it is. So the comment, like the suspect who was beaten, is actually rather harmless. Here’s the footage in question (courtesy of Crooks and Liars).

The saddest part of this whole affair, besides the unnecessary beating of the suspect, is the continuing beating that the NOPD is taking. Instead of just being responsible adults and saying, “yes, we did that. As you can see on the tape, we used far more force than necessary and took some gratuitous shots” these officers have chosen to blame someone else for their actions and bring more negative publicity on the department. Kudos to the NOPD for actually doing the right thing, let’s hope that it’s not just because it was caught on tape.

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