Lutcher’s Festival of the Bonfires

Tonight we went to Lutcher to see the bonfires. I thought it would be boring because I did it last year but my friends had never been and I wanted to take them. It was fun and the temperature was a big reason it was better this year. Last year, we got there around 4pm which is perfect if you hit this bar called Do-Do’s. They have a guy who calls himself ‘broder-in-law’ who cooks up a a pig on the cajun microwave and the traditional gumbo, etc. All for free. To find it, when you get off I-10 at the Lutcher exit, inhale and you’re in Gramercy, exhale and you’re in Lutcher….inhale again and you’re in Pauline, which is where the bar is really located. Last year, I was enamored by this adorable dog, Rex and I was looking forward to seeing him as much as seeing the bonfire spectacle. I just deleted his photo from my camera to make room for Katrina stuff. View image

We got there a little too late and Rex had already left. It gets too busy in there for him to be comfortable. He sits on the barstools. The feature of this year’s visit was bonfire #6031 which was threatening to fall backwards down the levee as it burned. There was a large group of us watching, not-so-secretly hoping the flaming logs would come tumbling down the hill right into the bumper-to-bumper traffic and send the crowd on the other side scurrying and maybe even blow something up. I know, it’s Christmas. Well, we watched. Six cops on their Yamaha ATVs sat at the bottom of the levee and watched. The fire chief watched. Another girl and I were thinking how great it would be if Anderson Cooper were here. Finally, it seemed like it wasn’t going to turn into some bonfire gone wild. No movie would be made about it but rather it would just sort of sink into itself. Of course, we were all analyzing the difference in this faulty bonfire’s construction compared to the near perfect one next to it and started the finger pointing at the inspector who issued the permit to bonfire #6031. We were thinking of the Texas A&M debacle. Their fight song is the Aggie War Hymn. Not too inspiring I guess.

The last good thing I get out of this trip is to grab some fireworks for the Mid-City New Year’s Eve bonfire. Firecrackers are a staple at this event and this year I upgraded and got a roll of 2,000. This should satiate my explosion craving. Trying to get out of town, we made a navigational error and this wrong turn in the back o’town took us through the most elaborate holiday displays in all of Lutcher. In the next block, we interrupted a very busy crack dealer making not just one but two Christmas Eve deals. During the bonfire festival, the police presence on the bonfire route rivals our own police presence on St. Charles Ave during Mardi Gras. It really begs the question of pop/cop ratio out there in St. James Parish. The drug dealers know that their end of town is free of oppression for a few hours. They don’t mind the dude in the santa hat getting in their way for a minute.

As you get on to bed tonight you can rest assured that Lutcher has the way lit for Santa and we know y’all have been good this year ~

In case you have a need to see the bonfire actually on fire, here’s the link to the official website of the festival.

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  1. roux (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 10:40 am

    They had a few really cool bonfires, A flatbed truck, tow boat and a helocopter. Great detail on each of them.

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