At least this guy actually had a weapon

It appears to be a justified shooting. But despite the media announcements touting video of the shooting, there appears to be video of only part of the encounter provided in slow-loading, shitty, windows media format, but not of the actual climax. So the question of whether or not deadly force was actually justified will sadly have to rely on the outcome of a “they said” investigation. Considering the tendency of police apologists to deny all responsibility even when police are clearly out of line, who knows what kind of story this will ultimately become. Hopefully more trustworthy witnesses (i.e., non-NOPD) will corroborate the NOPD’s story.

Here are a couple of my questions: Pepper spray didn’t work, but nobody had a taser or any other form of non-lethal weapon, like a beanbag shotgun? Especially since the encounter went on long enough for more than a dozen police officers to respond? Bulletproof vests don’t stop knife blades? A dozen+ police officers vs. one fat guy with a pocket knife and nobody has the training to disarm him?

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  1. Frolic (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 4:49 pm

    For what it’s worth, a frequent contributor to the Tom Fitzmorris board saw the whole thing. Here is the link to his reaction:

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