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Doing business up in mostly-vacated Mid-City today, it was interesting to see all the gawkers. With so many folks back in town for the first time since the storm, plenty of them were taking advantage of a gorgeous day in the mid-70s to cruise around and look at what God/the gubmint (take your pick) hath wrought. Not that I blame them. I think it’s something everyone should see.

They were packed 5 and 6 in a (usually very nice) car, eyes wide at all the damage, pointing and turning around to exclaim something to others in the car. I’m sure it was always something like, “Oh my GAWD! Dat’s Jeanie and Hubert’s old house! Ah yewsed ta go ta PAWTIES dere! Oh my GAWD! Are dey o-KAY???? Let’s go ovah an’ see de Yacht Club an’ out to de Ninth Wawd!”

These same cars (and I literally saw some of the same ones) would wind up Uptown, clogging things even more than usual on Magazine. It’s the kind of crowding I don’t mind, since they’re out and spending money. I know the rest of the nation is seeing only a so-so holiday season, at least businesswise. But in the retail spots open in New Orleans, many are posting big-time sales records. Thank you.

The number of reconstruction/demolition workers is down quite a bit this week, which doesn’t help my business much. But they’ll be back soon enough.

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  1. Joe B. (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 3:24 pm

    I agree with the, “it’s something everyone should see.” People ask me how things are in New Orleans, and the only way I can even come close to representing it is describing what it’s like to drive around the city. And trying to get people to grasp the scale is another effort, entirely. Nice job on the dialect.

  2. Banzai Bill (unregistered) on December 28th, 2005 @ 4:52 pm

    First, let me say that I just got back from New Orleans after various weeks back and forth between cleaning out “the house” and returning to “the place of exile” in Tennessee. During this last trip back (last week), I was happy to see the activity on Magazine Street and was a bit disturbed by the lack of businesses being patronized in the French Quarter. We all need to do a bit better in spreading the wealth around, but all in all I was pleased with how New Orleanians were supporting local businesses.

    That being said, as I begin a new chapter in the New Year of Exile (my family is relocating near Austin, TX for a new job that will take us out of New Orleans for, sadly, the foreseeable future), I have noticed a lack of local businesses with websites to sell their goods. Those that are on-line may not have a working website for a variety of reasons as well. Over the course of the next few years, I know I will want to continue to support New Orleans through the support of local business and merchants. Everything from Maurice’s Bakery to Funrockin’, I will want to buy as much as I can from New Orleans local businesses.

    If you can spread the word, please encourage businesses to update their websites or to think about going on-line. Those of us in extended exile will appreciate it, and I know I will do all I can to continue to support the local businesses from the place I will always be proud to call home.

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