All I Wanted Was My Tamiflu Prescription

A conversation at C’s Pharmacy on Vets in Metarie, yesterday:

Me: So I went by Sammy’s, and they’re closed ’til Mardi Gras. The deli, I mean. Where would you recommend I get a good po-boy?

Little Old Lady Waiting For Her Prescription: Oh, Mr. Roo’s is good. On Severn. I can’t imagined they’d be closed. They have good lunch plates, it’s all home cooked….

Me: Is that Rue’s like the street, or Roux’s like the gumbo?

LOL: No, Roo like R-O-O.

Me: Oh, like Kangaroo’s. Got it. I’ll check them out.

Younger Lady Also Waiting For Her Prescription: Oh, Mr. Roo’s is good. Sammy’s is good, too. You ever been to Sammy’s?

Me: Yeah, like I said, Sammy’s–

YL: They’re so good. They on Live Oak, you know, at–

Me: No, no, I went there before I got here, they’re closed. Not the grocery. Just the deli’s closed. ‘Til Tuesday.

LOL: It’s so hard to find a good po-boy in the evening, you know? Everything closes ’bout six o’clock–

YL: Oh, yeah, they gotta be careful of them looters, it’s been shameful.

LOL: You ask me, the wrong kinda people been coming back.

Me (desperate to change the subject): I had a wonderful Softshell Crab Lafitte at New Orleans Hamburger Seafood Company, that was after six.

LOL: Oh really?

YL: That sounds good.

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  1. Karlik1 (unregistered) on March 3rd, 2006 @ 12:40 pm


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