Marti who?

I think I hit my carnival stride on Saturday. I went out early and got home earlier – no I didn’t time travel – I beat the sun to my bed by about 45 minutes. Whoo Hoo, I win! Traditionally on Sundays, my goal is to not leave the house, but this was no normal Sunday and though I did spend most of the day lying around on my back like an old, retired prostitute and watching the Discovery Channel, I did go out in the evening. I met up with some friends at The Avenue Pub and we were going to go see Flogging Molly’s but getting down there got all complicated so I just turned around and headed back to the bar. I probably should have gone to the show, but I had a good time running around by myself.

See, every year I try to find my “Mardi Gras Moment” for lack of a less ridiculous way to say it. Like Chris Martel’s post, its clear he’s already found his for this year. I’m still looking for mine. It doesn’t worry me since there’s still time. I do have a very pronounced sense of the people who are out of town right now and I miss them dearly. The vendor stands can sort of make me sad since I find myself thinking, ‘this person always gets one of these, and that person loves these…’. For me, at least, Mardi Gras isn’t as care-free this year as it usually is and I think that’s alright. There’s almost more of an emotional charge to it this year. I’ll try and get some practical stuff done today and be rested up for this evening through tomorrow afternoon. If anyone wants to get together, I’ll be on St. Charles Ave., I should be easy to spot since I’ll be the drunk one trying to catch some beads.

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