Stacy Head, City Council District B: A leader for the heart of the city.

I met with Stacy Head yesterday because some readers began responding to a previous post with requests to hear from her, particularly regarding the issue of development v. preservation. See comments.

So I told Stacy right away, that someone accused her of being a ‘sell out’ to developers. Apparently, there is an issue that has been brought up on Valence St.. A&A Restored Living wants to tear down Trinity Methodist Church and put up condos. This is not cool. Well, Stacy didn’t show up at a meeting and people automatically thought she was not with them, but against them. Stacy has invested her own money to hunt down deliquent owners in her neighborhood and purchase blighted homes to renovate them AND she rents to section 8 too, which is important. There is no doubt that we need affordable housing, also a more pressing issue since Katrina. She has a very wise response to those people posted on the last discussion. Please read it. Shane Landry Post

All of the candidates so far are very personable and sincere. I am not getting the politician vibe. When I asked Stacy why she is running, she said that now is the time for leadership, a great opportunity to fix long-standing problems that past empires have had ample time to address and have failed miserably. Stacy said at one point, she and her husband said, ” If we can’t return to New Orleans, if it is uninhabitable, where should we go?” They could not think of any other place. Stacy and her family know what it means . . .

Stacy is an attorney and has two children. But most of all she’s knows the challenges she is going to face and she knows she can’t make promises she can’t keep but she has problem solving strategies for fixing our city. I think she is realistic. It’s not wise to take a stance on any issue while campaigning for an office you have never held but when you look at her list of issues, it’s obvious that this woman could handle the job and recognizes where she can be focused and get the most results. Stacy can move our city forward. You can read more about her stance on the main issues on her website.

I was discussing this race and my covering these candidates with my friend and we started realizing how much of the city this district encompasses. And how much of it is not in commerce. I wish I could cover more candidates in other districts too but if I had to pick one, yes, this is the right one. Today I overheard some people in La Boulangerie uptown saying, “well, District B, that’s a no brainer. Anybody but Pratt.” Here’s the map of all the city council districts, you can zoom in to see the street level.
City Council District Map

Stacy traced a couple of things for me that I wanted to pass along.

First, this bill could appropriate properties to the city and place them in the city’s possession, and we know how great they are at handling property, like HANO !

Also, you can look at campaign finance disclosures to see who is beholden to whom in this race, particularly the long standing grip that Rep. Jefferson has had on our city. Election Contribution Disclosure

The low down on Rep. Jefferson – Beyond

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