Conspiracy Theory

I’d like to share a piece of work that I worte the day after the first election. I entitled it Conspiracy Theory most likely due to having a few too many mimosas at brunch. It also shows the stupidity of all candidates that leaves me to believe we’re just going to be screwed even more than we normally have been since

Like most families, Sunday brunch was filled with lively discussions over the two run-off candidates for the New Orleans Mayor’s race. Each of us expressed our viewpoint over grits, bacon, biscuits and coffee. Then something wild really dawned on me as my husband was commenting how Ron Foreman’s wife was working for Mayor Naggin during the storm. Suddenly bits and pieces to the mayorial puzzle began to slide together. Sure it could be a wild hunch, but I think that’s what makes it a conspiracy theory.

Lets review the whole candidate situation. First you have Mayor Naggin that cleaned house when he first went into office and got rid of the corrupt Morial gang in city hall. Naggin could actually be viewed as an ideal mayor up until the time of Hurricane Katrina. It was during and after Katrina that Naggin’s popularity drifted due to his “Chocolate City” comments. That brings me to question the notion of these comments. Perhaps referring to New Orleans as the “Chocolate City” was just a mere public relations ploy to get the African American voters to embrace Mayor Naggin once again, after many felt like he abandoned his kind during the storm.

This brings me to the two top white candidates, Mitch Landrieu and Ron Foreman, or as Mayor Naggin refers to them, “…the professional politician and the zoo keeper.” Oddly enough Mitch was seen rescuing people along with Naggin during Katrina and Foreman’s wife was with Mayor Naggin during Katrina as part of his staff. Ron Foreman is a friend with both, Mitch and Mayor Ray Naggin, just as Naggin has worked with Lt. Governor Landrieu on the rebuilding plans for N.O. With so much friendship involved and all wanting to help the city recruit businesses and bring the city back to life, I started to ponder the notion of it all being nothing more than a thick smoke screen to get Mayor Naggin back in office. The two most powerful white candidates in this election were Ron and Mitch that ultimately split up the white vote and helped push Mayor Naggin’s percentage into the top. Tom Watson, the only other African American candidate involved in the debates, was viewed as being an extremist continually bringing up the subject of race that seemed to separate New Orleans even more than unite us all together. Coolidge and Boulet both got a mere percentage of the vote, and even though they both ran aggressive campaigns, neither candidate was well known enough to conquer the issues that are facing the city of New Orleans. As far as Peggy Wilson, I’m sure as always she got the older female Caucasian vote, but honestly her public relations team and she must realize that she simply comes off as a very bitter woman even though she may be correct about everything she says. Sometimes it’s all in the presentation of your facts, and simply generalizing the fact that our city is full of pimps, soap opera welfare queens, and drug lords doesn’t make me want to run off to the polls and cast a vote in her favor.

So could this be some wacky behind the scenes ultimate plan that will land Mayor Naggin back in office and Mitch Landrieu in an idealistic spot to later run for governor of this state, while Ron Foreman continues to build the Audubon legacy? Well we’ll know the real answer in a couple of weeks as the debates continue. Personally speaking I don’t think Naggin in office again would be the most horrible thing our city could face. I think he’s made some comments trying to relate to his race that has separated him more so from the Caucasian race and it showed in the poll results. I recall seeing Mayor Naggin out at the Target in Metairie on New Year’s Eve inviting everyone to come and celebrate New Year’s in New Orleans and speaking to people about their concerns since Hurricane Katrina. Has Mayor Naggin made mistakes during his term, of course, but so does every other Mayor, which the general population tends to forget. Due to Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Naggin had the world analyzing every move he made and criticizing him for it. You need to remember that this is the biggest disaster that he was faced with in our nation, and after reviewing the US Governments action plan, Mayor Naggin did the best he could do with the resources that he had at the time. I think in Mayor Naggin’s heart, he only desires what is best for the city of New Orleans, which is really what New Orleans residents want.

Mitch would also be a good mayor because he has political experience and knows how to push issues and get things moving. I believe Mitch wants what is best for this city and wants New Orleans to grow and thrive. I also believe Mitch would be a great governor for our state. Mitch has a lot of drive and I could definitely see him representing our state as a whole and getting business done in Baton Rouge. I feel like Mitch has been a savior in a lot of ways to New Orleans, and yet he’s just a regular guy trying to do the right thing. My husband, Kevin, actually ran into Mitch at a Popeye’s in Gonzales before an LSU football game last fall and had the opportunity to speak to him. Kevin couldn’t believe how down to earth and personable Mitch was when he spoke about how much suffering he saw during Katrina and how upset he was with the government for how they responded.

Both candidates can relate to the issues since they were here and experienced the rescues and suffering of New Orleans residents. Both want what is best for the city of New Orleans and doesn’t want congress and the government to toss us to the side. Speaking from the heart, with either candidate I believe we’ll be okay in the rebuilding process for the next few years to come. I would love to have the opportunity to vote Mitch Landrieu into the governor’s office since I believe he could get us the help and resources that we desperately need for our state. As far as Ron Foreman, I remember him during my internship at the Audubon Institute. He is simply a respected, genuine, personable businessman that brings a positive attitude and golden touch to any challenge or project. I’m sure he’ll give either candidate assistance and positive feedback as the challenge of rebuilding New Orleans begins.

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