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Mothers today don’t fall back to the norm of traditional pastel pinks and blues when it comes to their baby gear. Instead many opt for more fashionable choices like leopard prints and contemporary mixes of black, white and red. These moms are also the ones choosing to keep their maternity fashions in high style by wearing beaded maternity halter-tops and leather low-rise boot-cut jeans welcoming their pregnant state. Moms no longer have to be frumpy during their 9-months of pregnancy, or after. Some mothers even pose nude for photographs or cast their bodies in sculptured shapes to record this beautiful journey in motherhood.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a t-shirt with an arrow or words declaring my pregnant state to anyone who was too stupid to realize that I wasn’t this fat, but instead that I had a little alien growing inside my body that took it over and declared it as her home. I’ve always been a trendy fashion gal and wasn’t about to let my pregnancy curb my style. I became a trend setting mommy-to-be during my 9-months of pregnancy. My OB/GYN’s office use to love to see my maternity clothes ranging from sequin tops, fringed low-rise jeans, sheer surplus wrap blouses, velvet and suede pant suits, formals and cocktail dresses, and yes even black leather pants. I ventured out into the world of plus size clothing where brands from Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Elizabeth from Liz Claiborne reign supreme. I simply altered the latest styles to fit my newly pregnant body and explored the realm of handbags to find only the coolest messenger style totes that could hold a baby bottle or juicy cup as easily as my cell phone. Even during the days when I was merely surviving off of lemon-lime Gatoraid, I looked divine with my manicure, pedicure, highlighted hair, and chic styling clothes. Sure, I couldn’t see my feet and looked like someone strapped a frozen turkey to where my stomach use to be, but I looked like a glowing fertility goddess, or at least chose to view my pregnant self as one.

Needless to say, with such style, I found it rather hard to find baby accessories and bedding that moved me, or at least my daughter enough to stop jabbing her foot into my bladder during the days of traveling to almost every baby boutique in the state of Louisiana. I wasn’t one for sissy pastel colors or frou-frou lace and eyelet going all over everything. My favorite color and the one that I wear most is actually black, and from there shades of red and fuchsia wine tones. There was also this great pressure to create the most heavenly baby’s room as much as there was to create the perfect wedding. The baby room d├ęcor became even more important than the baby name, in which after my daughter literally kicked out my navel ring on Labor Day when I was pregnant with her, I realized that this one was going to have my wicked personality and be a pepper for sure. Needless to say, not any diaper bag would do, nor would just plain bibs and burp cloths. I remember dragging my mother all over and frustrating her to no end as she begged me to pick out items and register for my baby shower. Needless to say, with much prodding I finally convinced my mother to create custom bedding and layettes that would fit my personality and style. To this day, my mother believes I was trying to kill her and her sewing machine.

Since I lost all my baby layettes and bedding to Hurricane Katrina, I recently explored the Internet in search of baby items with my style. I found exactly what I wanted a couple of years ago from Meggan, owner of Mixed Breed Creations in California. When Meggan became pregnant, she noticed that there wasn’t much out there to choose from other than the normal pinks, blues, and baby animals. Since she had been collecting Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, she created custom crib bedding in their daughter’s nursery to this theme. She also custom designed her daughter’s wardrobe to include punk rock t-shirts and onesies, tattoo flash blankets, and Day of the Dead bib and burp cloth sets. Meggan’s business, Mixed Breed Creations, really started when she was approached by a woman who was opening up a birthing center and looking for local moms making baby products to sell at a shop in Fullerton, California. Mixed Breed Creations are currently sold at the Birth Connection in Fullerton, California and on,, and soon on her very own website. One of her most popular items is the Day of the Dead skull onesie adorned with glittery accents and metallic stitching and made of 100% super soft cotton in a sweatshop free factory in Downtown Los Angeles. Another top seller is the Mixed Breed Creations blanket that is large enough for a toddler and snuggly enough to swaddle your newborn baby up inside. She also specializes in custom creations allowing “you” the parent to create your own bedding and layette with your own personal style.

“I see moms of today wanting the best for their baby,” said Meggan, owner of Mixed Breed Creations. “I also see moms as wanting to be the best mom they can be without sacrificing who they are and the lifestyle they have chosen; maintaining the balance between herself and the best care for her child at heart. There is no reason why a mom can’t wear punk rock tees, die her hair, get tattoos, go to concerts and still have an honor student and be on the PTA. Her baby will still have sweet dreams whether they are sleeping with Winnie the Pooh blankets or dancing skeletons.”

Needless to say, if I’m ever blessed with another bundle of joy, I’ll be contacting Meggan right away for some custom designed tattoo flash, fire flames, and leopard print bedding. I’m also keeping her on my list for great and unique baby shower gifts, which are always so hard to find for that special girlfriend. So far down here, I’ve yet to find a baby boutique specializing in alternative style baby items like the ones Meggan creates. I know there is a definite need for it with as much fun loving music enthusiastic thirty-something’s living down here. Most of us have tattoos, piercings, and a unique style that doesn’t always scream Martha Stewart lives here. It’s actually very refreshing to me to see other moms just like myself wanting and desiring the same thing, and then actually creating it in the marketplace where there is truly a great demand for these goods. No longer do we have to purchase the typical baby garb from chain retail stores, we now can imagine and design our own goods to go with our, and our child’s, personality.

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