Driver’s ed for blonds

I have a bit of a pet-peeve about people who get into minor fender-benders and then sit there blocking traffic until the police come. This is going on right now on Metairie Road down the street from my neighborhood. A woman in a Jaguar (blond, but I don’t think it’s natural) apparently misjudged the length of the front end of her car while trying to pull out of the Discount Zone. Another woman driving a Honda down Metairie Road clipped the front end of the Jag. Very minor, didn’t even see any damage to the Honda. Both women walking around talking on cell phones.

They are now standing in the street with the Honda blocking traffic on narrow Metairie Road, which is already notoriously backed up every day. I told them it would be OK to get the Honda out of the road, but the blond said, “oh, no, not until the police get here.” Well, if they are coming from Metairie, it’s going to take quite a while with all the traffic that is now backed up.

I guess people think that when you have a minor car accident the police want you to preserve the scene of the crime until CSI can get there and dust for fingerprints, take photographs and talk to the witnesses. Well, that ain’t gonna happen. Unless someone has caused the accident by breaking the law, the police are only there to write an official accident report so you can send it to your insurance company. Let Dangerblond clear this up for you. After any car accident, the participants are free to move their cars out of the way of traffic, unless 1) There is a death or an injury requiring medical attention, or 2) The car in the road is not drivable or pushable. In other words, believe it or not, your minor car accident does not require the complete cessation of traffic and commerce in the immediate area. The police are getting really good at this accident investigation thing and they can tell by looking at the skid-marks and the damage to the vehicles exactly what happened without you even telling them. They do not need for the earth to stop revolving on its axis while you wait for them to get there.

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