Making Change For Katrina

Reader Jernst submitted this story via the Suggest a Story link. Habitat for Humanity is teaming up with CoinStar to build new homes for people who lost there houses during Katrina: Making Change For Katrina. The idea is simple, people anywhere in the country can bring their spare change to a CoinStar machine (those green machines in many grocery stores) and instead of converting their change to paper dollars, they con choose to donate it. The small amounts of change can add up to something very big. But why am I rambling on, I think Hans put it very well, himself:

How much spare change is sitting in your pocket?

As a new hurricane season begins, tens of thousands of Katrina victims still have no permanent homes while an estimated $10 billion in idle coins sits in sock drawers, coat pockets and jars across America.

I wanted to call your attention to a new initiative “Making Change for Katrina” that has recently been launched to help replace over 1,000 homes lost or damaged in last year’s hurricanes. The surprising simplicity of the idea, the country’s first coin crusade to transform spare change into homes, makes for a compelling story, while the potential results of the effort will help make a difference in so many lives. If just one percent of the idle change in the U.S. is collected, that $100 million will be enough to build 1,200 homes.

On June 28, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the Making Change for Katrina mobile bus tour will kick off in Boston and make its way to nine communities across the country. At each stop, volunteers will construct the frame of a house for delivery to pre-approved Habitat families in the Gulf.

So, spread the word: donate your pocket change.

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