Friday Funhouse Vol.1, No. 1

Introducing the beginning-of-the-weekend mixed bag of articles related to New Orleans, Louisiana and general geekitude, with editorial comments. In truth, this is a way to clear my Inbox of articles sent by friends and family in the spirit of “She lives in New Orleans and ought to know about this.” What do I do in turn, dear readers? Inflict the pain on you, of course! Here goes.

1. NYTimes: ‘Breathtaking’ Waste And Hurricane Aid – Breathtaking is the amount of hot air created over this. However, the article doesn’t blame just us thieving New Orleanians.

There are the bureaucrats who ordered nearly half a billion dollars worth of mobile homes that are still empty, and renovations for a shelter at a former Alabama Army base that cost about $416,000 per evacuee.

The most disturbing cases, said David R. Dugas, the United States attorney in Louisiana, who is leading a storm antifraud task force for the Justice Department, are those involving government officials accused of orchestrating elaborate scams.

They forgot people like Chuck Henderson of Texas who stood to gain “$12.5 million in FEMA contracts — with $7.5 million as profit for him and his two partners.” His story was brought to light during a divorce trial.

2. Hurricane Machine To Flatten Home

A family home in Canada will be deliberately destroyed by scientists to understand how buildings react to hurricane force winds … The new tests will be carried out at a hangar near London International Airport in Ontario, known as the “three little pigs” facility, after the children’s story. Construction workers have built a two-storey, four-bedroom family home in the hangar for the purposes of the test.

The University of Western Ontario team hopes its work will inform building plans in areas such as New Orleans.

Unless you live in a complete shanty, areas such as New Orleans do just fine in winds. In fact, my 130-year-old house on the Sliver did a lot better than a new-construction, multi-storey house in the same neighborhood, MidCity or the Northshore. Perhaps time would be better spent understanding how these older fortresses were built. Give me a ring when scientists bust a fake levee along a fake canal and drown a fake neighborhood.

3. A club called Ray’s Boom Boom Room (?!) is set to open on Saturday, July 1, on Frenchmen St. in the Marigny (same block and side of the street as Hookah Cafe). The owner invited a friend and me to the opening party on Saturday evening, as well as to the parties leading up to it this past week. I haven’t had a chance to go yet and will probably be on Bourbon St. (YUK!!!) for a bachelorette party this Saturday night. Who has the skinny for me?

With that, we conclude the inaugural episode of Friday Funhouse. Tune in next week, same Monkey time, same Monkey channel.

2 Comments so far

  1. Alan Gutierrez (unregistered) on June 30th, 2006 @ 1:45 pm

    Walked past just yesterday. It was boom booming.

  2. Dan F (unregistered) on July 1st, 2006 @ 4:02 pm

    well we already know what happens when the corp bust a real levee along a real canal….a real neighborhood gets a shit load of water so they can keep the fake stuff…

    Maitri, you really hit a great point about studying the older homes that held up…Does anyone know if these a study is being done? My initial guess would be more “on site” effort was put into them, more TLC than what the newer homes get.

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