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Becky Zaheri of Katrina Krewe has sent out some more information that you can use:

Graffiti Removal
: In their efforts to clean up the city, Katrina Krewe is partnering with Desire NOLA to fund the services of Operation Clean Sweep, an anti-graffiti task force run by Fred Radtke. Fred is also working in conjunction with the FBI and the NOPD with regards to graffiti. Volunteers please utilize his Graffiti Hotline 914-406-0077 to report graffiti so that, together, we can better address this issue. It is also posted on the Katrina Krewe website, CleanNO.org.

Sign Purchase: Katrina Krewe has purchased 200 official “No Dumping/Littering” aluminum city signs to be installed by the City’s Sanitation Department in targeted areas around town. A recent ordinance was passed raising the fine to $1000 for offenders.

Friday Clean-up: Friday, July 14 – Clean up between 9a-5p at City Park Pelican Greenhouse. See We Kare Wetlands & Fisheries Recovery.

Distribution: Katrina Krewe volunteers are currently presenting local businesses with a “Keep it Klean” spiel, calendar, and a check-off list to be utilized in area maintenance. They could use some helping hands to distribute them, please contact Becky@CleanNO.org if you are willing to help.

Drain Clearing Awareness: Residents, please go out on your curbsides and clear trash away from the drains to allow rain water to flow properly! A clogged-up drain on your street can cause your house to flood. New Orleans Brain Trust Group.

We in New Orleans are faced with numerous frustrating problems. It seems like our government is full of criminals and it’s hurricane season, just for a couple of examples. It is a terrible feeling to see so many bad things happening and to feel powerless and unable to do anything. However, the trash all over this town is something that we can do something about. If you see illegal signs on the neutral ground, you can remove them and dispose of them. If you see some idiot throwing trash out the window of their car, get the license number and report them. If a trash pile sits stinking on your block for a week, call the mayor and the city council and raise hell. If you see a political sign that is still bolted to a wall somewhere, call the candidate and demand that they remove it. We are in the season where it is likely that we may have street-flooding. If there are still piles of trash on the curb, the trash will float down to the drain and plug it up. It’s not just a matter of trash during this time of the year, it’s a matter of public safety.

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”
– Lily Tomlin

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