Wrapping Up The Week In Lacombe

“You have to start a nail off with little taps,” I have now been told. Multiple times. “Once you get it set, you can go to town on it, but not until you get it set. Otherwise you’re liable to whack your thumb.”

I know this by now. It was only the third nail of Thursday morning when I whacked my thumb, OK? I’ve had plenty of time since then to learn and practice the correct way to hammer a nail.

This, however, doesn’t occur to people who ask me, “Oh my God! What did you do to your thumb?!” when I tell them. Instead, after the obligatory symathy ouch, they tell me about starting a nail off with little taps. Because obviously, with a thumb that looks like that, I need to be told.

But, no. After the one injury, and the difficulties bandaging it, and the way you could tell which two-by-fours I’d worked on by the red smear, I got the hang of that nail-hammering thing really quick. Which was good, because hammering was about all I did all Thursday and Friday. They sent us back to Lacombe to finish assembling foundation frames.


And we darn near got them all finished, too.

There was a rumor of TV crews for Friday, which was why they sent everyone to Lacombe. Straight there, without “circling up” at the church first. However, no TV crew materialized. No one was too disappointed by this; it just meant we got more work done. By the time we started packing it in around 2:30, all the frames had been assembled as far as the two-by-fours went, and there was nothing left to do but bang plywood onto ’em and position ’em in the trenches.


In these pictures here, you can see the difference between Friday and Monday. You can also see the empty lots waiting down the block for their foundations to be dug.


300 houses in 3 years. The work continues.

I’ll definitely be back.

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