A Temporary New Family Member


This is here is my Mom’s pet spider. She inadvertently acquired a pet spider a couple months ago. She’s very protective of it. I found this out tonight when I borrowed her car to go pick myself up a Soft Shell Crab Lafitte at the New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company drive-through.

“Don’t kill my spider!” she said.

“Your what?”

“My spider. It lives in the mirror. Don’t hurt it!”

I didn’t actually see it until after the sun went down, though. It only comes out at dawn and dusk, whereupon it will spin a brand new web at lightning speed that goes from the driver’s sideview mirror to halfway down the door. When the sun comes up, or when the car starts up, it disappears into the mirror housing, detaching its web as it goes. Or winching it in for later use; we’re not sure.

My mom can’t stand geckos in the house, even though they eat cockroaches. And for cockroaches, she does the popular Eek Eek Eek dance when one crosses the floor. (Who doesn’t?) She has no objection when I catch questing queen ants and smoosh them because, hey, we were here first. No ant hills allowed.

But she has totally adopted this spider.

It’s sooooo cute.

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