I Have Been A Bad, Bad Guest-Blogger

I just flew out of the area this morning, having absolutely failed to blog a damn thing the whole time I was in town (July 22 to August 4). That had not been the plan. The plan had been to blog very thoroughly about my experience working with East St. Tammany Habitat For Humanity, and then, I dunno, restaurant reviews or something. But the plan had also been to get a bunch of deadlined work out of the way before leaving Denver, so I wouldn’t end up a sleepless hermit in my parents’ house trying to get the work finished and submitted. Ha! Ha, I say! I chortle at the irony!

Better late than never, I s’ppose. There will be blog posts. They will be back-dated. People reading the archives six months from now will hardly suspect the suckage.

For now, just a few thoughts:

  • Driving from Metairie (lake end of Bonnabel) to the airport takes under fifteen minutes at 6:00 AM. This is a fact you don’t learn to appreciate until you’ve lived somewhere like Seattle or Boulder, where the area international airport is 30 minutes to an hour and a half away.
  • The Morning Call sans ashtrays is a strange, strange sight. And the ability to see clearly all the way from the wall-length mirror on the Severn side of the room to the bussing window on the Causeway side–what with there being no tobacco/nicotine fog obscuring the sight–is just surreal. How exactly did the smoking ban manage to even think about passing in this state? Color me boggled.
  • The Creole Carvery on terminal C specifically advertises “overstuffed” po-boys, as though that weren’t the natural state of a good po-boy already. I suppose if you’re an airport restaurant, even if it’s the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, you just have to try harder.

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