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The neighbor kids, Raheim, who just turned 11yrs old and his brother J’ame, 8, come around to see me when they are here on the Eastbank visiting their dad. Today, I asked them how they feel about the city. They think it’s only getting a little better. We talk about the things that make them mad.

I’m not maternally inclined, I sort of let them have the run of place. I try to do whatever interests them at the time but I put my foot down with the roughhousing. Raheim eats a lot and loves the digital camera. I had put him in charge of grilling chicken sausages and veggie burgers on the grill, he only lost one in the dirt. J’ame and I worked in the Batman sticker book. When I wasn’t looking, Raheim sprayed the fire extinguisher on the barbeque grill. But it’s ok, now they know how it works, I showed them the gauge that now reads, ’empty’. They leave the doors wide open all the time but I can’t stand nagging, I remind them once.

Other activities today included a little cartoon network game online. They also looked up some origami patterns online and tinkered with that until they got too stuck. I was putting up a blind in the bedroom, they took an interest in learning how to use a drill. So I gave them a little drill workshop. We put some holes/screws in a scrap piece of wood, we used a brick for the drilling base but pretty soon they wanted to drill the brick. It’s important that they try everything. They learned that the drill bit gets hot.

We put on 93.3 and they show me their latest moves, they’re really great dancers. They get into everything. Together, they are pretty good at fixing things. They completely disassembled a lead pencil on accident but spent a lot of time putting it back together. Raheim wanted to know how to operate my espresso machine. . . . I taught them why espresso is different than coffee and next had to explain why my bike doesn’t have traditional pedals while J’ame used the bike pump . . . on himself. J’ame’s dad’s in jail, they found some cute Christmas cards with Pandas on them in my junk trunk, we’re gonna send him one when it gets closer to the holiday. They are already looking ahead to Christmas and they told me what they want. Raheim tested the mini-maglight, it’s water . . .uh. . . resistant. Right now he’s rapping into my digital micro-recorder. J’ame is making hand shadows on the wall and barking . . . it’s quality time.

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  1. Heatherlee (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2006 @ 12:21 pm

    You may not be maternal, but you make a great “aunt”! You’re teaching them how to be people and that’s more important than playing board games or whatever the latest action figure is. That is the kind of stuff they take away and want to come back for more of. I’m not a mom, but I AM one hell of an aunt (just ask all 9 nieces and 4 nephews). To this day, my twin nephews’absolute favorite memory of spending time with me is of the night I refused to play Monopoly with them and, instead, introduced them to ice hockey. We still watch games together and fight over who are better players.

  2. Dan (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2006 @ 12:25 pm


    How I wish EVERYONE in this city would take your lead and just be friends with the people who need it the most. Loved the read and the message…your awesome!!

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