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Now here’s a real shocker. Maybe we’re finally understanding, as our forebears did out of necessity, that nature bats last. Swampland=bad place to build a house that doesn’t float. They also seem to be discovering this over the past 20 years or so in South Florida, where so many homes built in what used to be the Everglades now have cracked or swamped foundations and other major problems.

I could go on and on about the gullibility of some folks, but I won’t. I got all my rants about Gubmint, insensitive people and other wrongs out during the Katrinacation period (as some of you remember). I reserve my incredulity (is that a word?) these days for observing the latest antics of the Bush Administration, but even that is waning. It’s being slowly replaced, fortunately, with laughter — since really that’s all you can do sometimes, ain’t it?

Saturday night/Sunday morning, I got off work about 1am and was winding down on the front steps. I was engaged in conversation by some unknown guy (who seemed remarkably sober) who said he had just moved to town from New Iberia and was looking for work. He said he’d done some odd jobs in the French Quarter and had met some nice people who had helped him, but it was clear he was fishing around for a place to spend the night. I wasn’t going to offer such, but he tipped me off on some information he had obtained about the po-leece fixin’ to crack down on low-level street folks. He told me this in a hushed tone, glancing around and shit, saying I needed to know and I should pass on this information to anyone I thought needed to know it. Thanks man — yeah — I’ll do that.

…then I see this in the paper this morning. So I guess this guy was right all along. I was just hoping he’d been talking about the gutterpunks who deal drugs in the park down our street. Maybe they’re next on the list, I dunno. There are periodic busts down there, but it’s like waving flies away from the table — in that they always return.

About the only thing that whips me into Rant Mode anymore is the gangsta thang. As Randy Newman wrote, it’s a case of “big hat, no saddle, big boat, no paddle.” The gangstas might be the most gullible of all — buying into the idea that being a badass will get you somewhere besides prison or dead. It angers me that some folks won’t look around and learn they need to have their homes on a higher level. And it angers me that the gangstas wont’ build their lives on a higher moral level.

Different issues, same solution. We can do better. We’ve got to.

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  1. Laurie (unregistered) on October 25th, 2006 @ 2:46 pm

    My backyard is wetland.

    It’s the reason we don’t flood.

    Natural watersheds have to be protected from being

    torn down and literally ruined once the wetlands/swamp

    area is exposed to free oxygen there go the way of the dinosaurs.

    If people don’t want to flood leave the wetlands the hell alone!

    While we’re at it, if the batture is brought back

    all along the Mississippi we’ll decrease our flooding by 90%,

    O.K., so I pulled 90% out of my ass.

    But, I would start at 70%.

    Here’s what swamp/wetlands do – like a sponge they absorb

    extra water to full capacity which is a whole hell of a lot

    after full saturation they then adsorb the excess water

    which is again a whole hell of a lot.

    Cutting these lands down and disallowing them to function

    and pick up the excess is flat out stupidity.

    Living in a mosquito hatchery is not advisable

    so walk away and keep looking!

    water – holding capacities: The capacity or ability of soil

    to hold water; field capacty is the amount held against gravity

    or one atmosphere tension.

    The moisture – holding capacity of sandy soil is usually

    considered to be low while that of clayey soils

    is considered extremely high.

    Often expressed in inches of water per foot depth of soil.

    Batture: the area where the Mississppi river and land meet

    and mix, french for batter, the batture is responsible for

    absorbing to full capacity and adsorbing full excess

    when the water runs high.

    They are to be left the fuck alone!

    Adsorbtion: after full absorbtion capacity

    the land has the capacity to hold

    the excess water like a swimming pool.

    Windbreak: A barrier of trees and shrubs

    designed to shelter lands or buildings from wind.

    Water table: The upper limit of that part of the soil

    or underlying rock material that is wholly saturated with water.

    In some places an upper or perched water table

    may be separated from a lower one by a dry zone.

    Weathering: The physical and chemical disintergration

    and decomposition of rocks and minerals

    into soil under “natural” conditions.

    Dike: (1) An artificicial watercourse; (2) a bank,

    usually of earth, constructed to control or confine water;

    a levee; (3) a raised causeway.

    Mother nature: Pissed off at Man’s incompetence!


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