Too Many Soup Du Jours

It looks like we should be paying a lot of attention to City Planning again. Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth that was the last “democratic process” that kicked off the UNOP/CSO/GNOF/LRA/[insert acronym here] fest of City Planning? You can do it again! In about an hour, the tug of war between the Lambert plan and the Unified New Orleans plan resumes. Think New Orleans has the details. I like the lead-up: “Two recovery planning processes. One pot of federal funds. Today at 10:00 AM they meet at City Council Chambers for the Recovery Planning Smackdown. Get a load of their pre-bout trash talk.”

Bring out the mud and Crisco … again. My deja vu is having deja vu.

Also, what in the name of all that is bureaucratically unholy is the Inspector General position? So we can fight some more over who gets into that position?

Some have argued that under the current plan, the inspector general would be too weak, because the watchdog would have no subpoena power. Others are debating whether the inspector general should be a New Orleans insider or an outsider.

And why does Common Good care about New Orleans now? We’re missing the forest for the trees: watchdogs are required only when something is happening. So many positions and NO results. The City of NO, indeed.

While New Orleans turns into a laboratory for all of these do-gooders to experiment within, the broth is spoiling, folks. Prepare for our dirty laundry to go national. We, the residents of New Orleans, don’t have a say on how our city is rebuilt … but America will!

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  1. Alan Gutierrez (unregistered) on November 7th, 2006 @ 5:45 pm

    While we debate light-rail to the airport, or take fact-finding trips to Japan, there are hundreds of thousands of people whose homes are going to be lost to mold.

    The Arabi Wrecking Krewe, die-hards, are going from gutting to construction. Our friends Brian and Shiek are saying that he homes are too far gone to say, and the Corp doesn’t come by with the Bobcats anymore.

    It’s such a tragedy that people think this is a proving ground for experiments in technology or goverment. We need to clear our all these busy-bodies and work on holding the Council and the Mayor accountable.

    What is the Inspector General anyway? What did you hear about Common Good?

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