Here we are…..

….on a New Year’s Eve eve — watching it rain hard and digesting a bigass burger from Fat Harry’s on St. Charles. We went there specifically tonight — knowing the beer and burgers are good and the rain and the holiday break would be keeping the frat crowd away. We were right — the place was about 1/3 full and things were delightful.

It always rains/snows/fogs or something around year’s end. Two years ago, we got snow on Christmas. Last year, the fog was too thick to see any of the planned fireworks on the river. Ungodly, Dracula-movie kinda fog. Incredible and yet wonderful.

This has me all reflective about the past year, which has been a very, very tough one on us and yet also more rewarding than any I can remember. Our neighborhood, except for one house, remains intact. More wonderful people have moved in. So many more places are open than a year ago and the beginning of Carnival looms in another week.

Just within our own tiny MetroBlogging community, we’ve seen new houses bought, existing houses restored, gatherings held, friends bid adieu, plays performed, a marriage and the birth of a child. We have written, rollered, photoed, talked, cajoled, listened, nodded, prayed, eaten, hugged, laughed and stared slack-jawed at various times with one another. And, like this city, we’ve just kept pushing things along just because we don’t dare look back for very long. TBK and I are more than blessed to be part of it all.

Someone asked me yesterday what we’re going to do in the coming year — given that our former business is in economic tatters and we’re currently facing some family hardships. I had to pause and say I don’t know — but I also had to quickly reassure that we’re not planning any kind of future away from this broken, dysfunctional, recalcitrant and sublimest of all cities.

“…He’s one of those who knows
Life is just a leap of faith.
Spread your arms and hold your breath
And always trust your cape…”
–Guy Clark

It’ll be fun. And thanks.

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  1. steve (unregistered) on December 31st, 2006 @ 10:52 am

    I wish I could be as happy and optimistic as you seem about this city and, well, just life in general I guess. I think part of my problem is that I grew up here, left for awhile and came back (before Katrina) and the only people I really know here are people that I have always known here and they are not very interesting folks who remain pretty much as they were in high school. It’s the people of this cty that depress me and keep me down.

  2. Craig (unregistered) on December 31st, 2006 @ 7:21 pm

    I think a lot of us could say the same things about the cities we were raised in, so it’s not just a New Orleans thing. I think they key comes with associating ourselves with people who allow and encourage us to grow, regardless of where they’re from. I have some very, very close friends from high school days — but I also have tremendous new friends in our Irish Channel neighborhood and from other stops along life’s way. While we can’t choose our relatives, we can always choose our friends — and we’ve got good ones.

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