First weekend this year

…so TBK and I have nailed down our JazzFest tickets for this year. The talent lineup is a good one again (like we expected something else) and we’ve chosen to go the first weekend this time so we can see Van Morrison. The guy never comes to the US anymore, much less to New Orleans, so we’re considering it a rare treat. Last year we accidentally wound up with tickets for BOTH weekends, but our budget isn’t as, um, flexible this time around. Bankruptcy can do that.

We’re entering that sublime time of year in New Orleans, when things just seem to move from weekend to weekend in a blur (figuratively and, for many, literally). Krewe du Vieux kicks off the Carnival parade season next weekend as things begin heating up toward Mardi Gras. Once that’s done on the 20th, then there’s St. Patrick’s Day (a big deal in our Irish Channel neighborhood — since we’re only a block down from Parasol’s), French Quarter Fest and then JazzFest. And, in mid-April, we’ll see resumption of Wednesdays at the Square (2007 talent lineup still pending). A good time to plan trips to New Orleans and, particularly, to live here. Before it gets hotter than Rangoon in mid-summer — but then the Saints head back to training camp.

Speaking of the Saints, I’ve been reading here and in various other places about the extreme rudeness heaped on the team and its fans by some of the folks in Chicago since last weekend. I’ve been wondering that if things were turned around, like the game had been here and we’d won it, if some of the Chicago fans would have gone back home telling the same kinds of tales about the rudeass bastids who live down here. And my guess is yes — since a) assholes know no geographic boundary and b) at least one of them would have accidentally wandered into Central City and been shot (“Hey Benny! The map says we can take Daneel back downtown! It looks a LOT faster than St. Charles!”).

No — I’m not going to support the Bears in the Super Bowl (if I even watch — I got BBQ to do that day). But it has nothing to do with the fact they beat the Saints and nothing to do with the fact that some fans in any city can be dicks. I want to see local boy Peyton Manning do well and, well, Da Bears have been there before. It’s been a generation or so, but they’ve Been There. I want Indianapolis to erupt for something the fans have never experienced. In other words — I want them to just enjoy the living hell out of being on New Ground. All of us here in New Orleans have been enjoying it for the past few weeks and it rocks big-time.

Have fun y’all.

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  1. Adrastos (unregistered) on January 26th, 2007 @ 4:31 pm

    I hope the Dr. Jekyl side of Van shows up at Jazz Fest. There are moments when he’s Mr. Hyde: Bears Fan.

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