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Interesting week

The week’s only half over and damn — this neighborhood’s been more unpredictable than a 16-year-old boy with car keys and a bottle of Jim Beam. Lessee….

Stu and I ran into Mayor C. Ray “Whereyabeen?” Nagin last night at Liuzza’s in Mid-City. He was sitting alone at the bar. Seriously. Someone behind the bar took a pic of him and some Liuzza’s guy — but most folks just left him alone. Not sure what he was driinking, but when I talked to him he was getting whatever it was in a go-cup. I didn’t discuss politics or go all Ralph Nader on him. I just wished him good luck and invited him to lunch at my place. Whatever anyone says about the guy, I gotta give him props for just being out in public like that during his off-hours. Very approachable. Lord knows he’s got every reason to hide when he’s got a choice.

Oh — and we had our first Trash Can incident….

Assistance for those affected by the tornadoes

Disaster assistance available (from at 11:14 am today)

Individuals affected by the tornadoes in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Martin parishes two weeks ago are now eligible for federal aid, including Disaster Unemployment Assistance, the Louisiana Department of Labor announced this morning.

Individuals who reside or work in the three parishes must file applications for the assistance by March 30. Claims may be filed through the labor department’s Unemployment Insurance Call Center at (866) 783-5567 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To receive disaster unemployment benefits, individuals must provide their social security number, proof of wages, and proof of employment, including the name and address of the last employer. Disaster unemployment assistance provides benefits to individuals whose employment or self-employment has been lost or interrupted as a direct result of a major disaster.

Just passing it along…..

I am told there will be a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7pm at 1418 N. Claiborne to organize the best way of telling Dubya to go to hell when he visits here on Thursday. If you count yourself among those wanting to take part, there’s your information.

Gotta say I’m conflicted. On the one hand, I have no use for the guy on a whole lot of levels. I never voted for him and the resentment I have toward my own federal government, largely because of him, will likely never be resolved. But on the other, I’m wondering just how much effect an organized protest is going to have. Will it change anything? Is it just to make us feel better? No and maybe.

I will be at work on Thursday. Speaking only for me, I figure the best way I can protest this guy’s presence is by refusing to acknowledge his being here. I got shit to do, y’know? We all do. Let him take his dog-and-pony show someplace where they give a rip.

Lost and found on Fat Tuesday

Lost Mardi Gras 2007.jpg

UPDATE: Thanks to the educated guesswork of another New Orleans-based photographer, the mystery has been solved! The artist behind these lovely Mardi Gras pics is Victoria Ryan. (By weird coincidence, her photograph entitled “Peeping Cowboys” in the Fragile Legacy portfolio was taken in front of my house last Mardi Gras. Look closely and you can glimpse Drew, Don, and wee little Tania enjoying themselves on the stoop.) It’s a small world, ladies and gentlemen–and in New Orleans, it’s even smaller….

PREVIOUSLY: I found this roll of 120 B&W film in front of my house on Fat Tuesday afternoon. I’m pretty sure the pics were taken at Marcus’ house, prior to the start of the Ste. Anne parade. Anyone know the photographer?

Big Chief

I can’t get enough of this picture of Riley from

So close!

Damn Damn Damn!

Another adventure

I was in a discussion with a friend the other day, talking about the current state of things in Our Fair-But-Bamfoozled City and my friend made the observation that there are more money-making opportunities in New Orleans these days than likely at any time since Bienville and Iberville first set up shop in the early 1700s. Between all the construction that needs doing, the destruction that still awaits and all the other goings-on (and that regulatory issues are still not back where they were — and that was an iffy thing at best even before Katrina) — I had to agree.

Some of you will remember that in the days immediately after Katrina, I began setting up shop with my BBQ trailer in the middle of Lakeview, at Canal Blvd. and Harrison, selling BBQ and fixins to all the workers out there. Being the only consistent island of food hung between the French Quarter and Metairie, I made a freaking mint — until various customers began suggesting I better get things all caught up in the licensing way before some regulator got antsy. I moved my operation back to its permanent (though gutted) location and tried to make a go of it there — but the location that was good for my pre-K wholesale food operation was pretty much crap for retail. Given the sharp decline in cash flow (and the fact my creditors had run out of patience), I folded the tent and went into hibernation mode, taking a pantry chef job and eaking out what I could.

Welp — TBK and I are now back to entrepreneurship in a high-traffic location (Magazine St) and making another go at it. I know things have changed over the past year and we’ll be finding out firsthand and I might bitch a little about it in this space. Forgive me in advance — but our world remains vastly different in so many ways from The Life Daily in other parts of the country.

This’ll be fun.

Jesus was a carpenter, he built my gazebo

I’m bored. I’m waiting for this horrific weather to come in and its past 12 now. I don’t feel any different but the Pumpkins in the living room have turned into a pack of Twizzlers. “Cheaters” is on t.v. in the background. I have my raincoat on and the flatboat is at the ready. I currently have at my desk a box of Whitman’s Samplers. My mother found it necessary to purchase this box along with 11 others because they were 2 for 1 at Walgreen’s. She dropped it off today along with a box of Bagel Bites. They are delicious tiny pizzas with a world of flavors inside. I would have preferred a giant bag of Pizza Combos but any type of free food is always welcome at the household.


Hold on to Uranus, Monkey Dog says something wicked this way comes. My weather predictions are as follows.
No tornadoes, but the fruit stand on the river road will be lifted again and placed quietly on the top of the Superdome. The high winds will miraculously reconnect the power to the street lights at State and St. Charles.
Massive cases of Diarrhea will ensue as the water department accidentally reconnects to the sewerage lines. Thousands of 96 gallon garbage cans will become satelites of death in the breeezy morning hours. Ray Nagin will weep in the fetal position after realizing his Hummer was dented by hail. Eddie Jordan will be sued by an N.O.P.D. officer after his derby is thrown from his head and lodged into the officer’s back. The missing cash from the evidence room at the courthouse will mysteriously float onto the front porch of the fire dpartment. Finders Keepers!
I’m going now.

O trash can, where is thy stench?

Free Image Hosting at“>

Here is our brand-freaking-new trash receptacle, delivered this morning by a typically loud and lumbering truck/trailer crew to our home in the Irish Channel. I opened the lid and stuck my head deep inside to inhale, for just once in my life, the all-clean-and-fresh plasticness of it before we employ it as intended. Thank you Richard’s for delivering this thing pretty much as promised and on time. The 96-gallon capacity is larger than the two big trash cans we’d been using, so it oughta handle a three people’s half-week’s worth of garbage pretty easily.

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