Radio Douchebag in Dodge City

There was this guy on the radio this morning from some gun magazine bitching about how the N.O.P.D. won’t give back the guns they confiscated during Katrina. His Second Amendment organization is actually suing the city on behalf of N.R.A. members they supposedly represent. Warren Riley was also on the show and stated that the N.O.P.D. did not confiscate weapons from persons if they were in or on their own property and had licenses for said weapons. He said they didn’t have the guns and didn’t know where they were because they never took them.

Riley stated that the officers only confiscated guns that were stolen and found throughout the city that were not supposed to be there. This douchebag from the N.R.A. practically called him a liar and wanted to know who ordered the police to pick up weapons. First off, he is a member of the N.R.A. so he is already a prick tickling fuckturd, then he is going to waste time and money that we don’t have to appease a select few individuals who want their artillery back. He wants the city to pay $1300 dollars for court costs. The city was a fucking war zone at the time. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So we bent the rules a little and got thousands of stolen and illegal guns off the streets in a time of utter confusion and hysteria. Excuse me fuckturd for liking that idea.

Why don’t you take that huge stockpile of N.R.A. lobbyist money and buy everyone a new gun. Then you can take the $1300 dollars and jam it straight up your ass sideways.I wish I could remember this cockface’s name. I would email him and tell him off myself. The Constitution is a 230 year old document, it can be changed. The Bible is thousands of years old but has been changed hundreds of times throughout the years. Why can’t we change a fucking piece of paper that allows people to walk around town with deadly weapons? Maybe the founding fathers didn’t imagine the future of weapons, all they had were muskets and cannons. Maybe the Second Amendment would not have existed if they had AK-47’s back then. I’d like to see “L-Train” and “Darrelius” try a drive by with a musket. The criminals in this town already have a shitty aim. How the fuck do they miss? The pussies must close their eyes when they shoot.

If you’re a drug dealer and you want to kill another drug dealer, make sure you aim properly. If you miss and clip a wing, we have to pay for his hospital bills. If you do your job correctly, then soon you will be shot by his friend and that’s two dealers off the streets. Thanks, I think. This is now segging to the story of the day. 9 shootings in 7 hours. We don’t even have to count by days anymore? We are now at shootings per hour, or SPH as I like to call it.”Welcome to New Orleans, The highest rated SPH in the country. Come down for Mardi Gras and watch the daily dead ticker on the top of the Hibernia building.”

Peace out suckas

The End

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  1. Carl (unregistered) on February 16th, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

    “Warren Riley was also on the show and stated that the N.O.P.D. did not confiscate weapons from persons if they were in or on their own property and had licenses for said weapons.”

    I would have to find them again but I seem to remember published reports of people who have claimed they were indeed on their own property with lawfully owned weapons when the NOPD confiscated them. Judge Carl J. Barbier ruled to hold Mayor Nagin and Police Superintendent Riley in contempt for failure to provide initial disclosures and answers to discovery in a lawsuit that was filed. War zone or no, people’s constitutional rights cannot be trampled upon. We will see how this turns out in the courts. I’m more than willing and able to give NOPD the benefit of the doubt on this, but I can understand the distrust the citizens of New Orleans have towards the police force there. The NOPD’s past doesn’t help.

    There are already many court cases in process relating to things happening during and after Katrina including this 2nd amendment issue. Police officers pacing murder charges, insurance companies being sued for noncoverage and in some case, being accused of fraud, etc. It’s going to take a long time for N.O. to be rebuilt and it’s going to be much longer before the court battles end. If they ever end.

  2. Dan F (unregistered) on February 17th, 2007 @ 8:23 am

    Plus that’s what you get for listening to 870, hahahaha

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