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I know I’ve mentioned in past blogs how much I hate certain commercials on television. I can’t understand why some companies feel the need to advertise certain products or advertise the actual company itself. Read on when you have some free time.

The worst offender of totally unnecessary commercials is whoever has created this new girly hygiene product named simply, RePHresh. In this 30 second train wreck, you learn all there is to know about the daily problems of the female junk area. In less than 4 seconds, you hear the words intercourse, period, and douche. This is when I usually puke into a shoe then blackout for a few minutes. Ladies, did you know you should be very mindful of the PH balance in your Hoo-Hah. I certainly feel safer now.

I’m not a prude but what if I had some kid sitting next to me and they started asking questions? I could tell him or her the truth, and get smacked in the head by their mother, or I could make up some fairy tale that would make a young boy fear the female gender for the duration of his life. Either way, I think it should not be on during prime time.

Another strange phenomenon is the use of commercials to advertise huge conglomerate companies. Take BASF for instance. They are a huge chemical company. They have a commercial. What for? Who is this for? It’s not like I’m going to the BASF in the mall to pick an oil drum of industrial polyurethane. Why do they have a commercial?

This is a little off subject but equally weird. I saw Kirk Cameron on the religious channel the other night. What the fuck happened to him? Too many nights of drunken sex orgies with seventeen years old girls during the eighties? Jesus Christ this guy has gone yahoo Christian on us. Shame on you Kirk. Mike Seaver is now a Bible thumping Psalm jockey. I can’t believe it. He was interviewing teens at some mall and asking them about how many commandments they can remember. They weren’t very smart kids, but I know em and broke em all in the last 5 years at least; all but the murder one as far as I know. I threw out my Growing Pains season 1-3 DVD collection after I saw this.

All I have to say is that it’s Friday and it has been a long week and I’m dealing with customers and people are really fucking stupid. No, I mean really fucking stupid.

2 Blogs in one day. I must be in a good mood.

I’m leaving tomorrow to go adopt a Tibetan Sherpa baby, so I’ll see you after the festivities.

Peace in the middle east dirty bitches!

Hail Ming!

The End

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  1. termite (unregistered) on February 16th, 2007 @ 4:02 pm

    i had no idea my Hoo-Hah had a PH balance.

    now i’m worried.

  2. katie (unregistered) on February 19th, 2007 @ 3:43 pm

    PH Balance? I too had NO idea.

    Kirk Cameron was a psalm singer back when he was Mike Seaver. That is why the cute little nanny that was also a playboy bunny had to leave the show. Several changes had to be made to the script because he was born again.

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