Text me something Mister!!!!!

Yes sir, normally we would all be screaming “Throw me something Mister” to those fine ladies and gentlemen riding floats around town for the next 5 days. This year though, things are gonna be different. This year, the city is screaming to the visitors “Text me something Mister or Misses”.

The city, in full glory and pride, is asking visitors and locals alike this year to text message money to the city to pay for Mardi Gras 2007. Don’t do a double take. Don’t start thinking oh damn, Wacko Dan has gone off the deep end….again. No not this time. Maybe in this place, yes…but not this time.

If the city was really smart, hahahahahaha- sorry, then they would dump this text message scam – (Anyone think this will raise more than 100 bucks? Anyone?) And really take the bull by the horns. Here’s my idea:

Eddie Jordan can’t keep peeps who “murk” other peeps in jail, so let’s put them to work! Strategically placed “thugs” in high traffic areas with buckets and signs saying “Give New Orleans some money or I’m gonna shoot you” would have this city rolling in the dough. Hell, let the thug keep some of the cash to repair the city’s much-needed projects. Plus we wouldn’t need those wonderful folks at Glad Trash Bags to keep donating free trash bags for the big after Mardi Gras clean-up.

No matter what anyone says, Mayor Noggin is really on top of things and has this city thinking progressive for a change!!!

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  1. Chick Ciccarelli (unregistered) on February 17th, 2007 @ 6:03 pm

    You may really have gone off the deep end. The Paypal Text To Give program is not a scam. It is the “Support” portion of the Mardi Gras Sponsorship and Support program. Our company’s job is to help offset costs of Mardi Gras, whether it be from sponsors or individuals.

    The program is designed not only to help offset Mardi Gras costs underserved by corporate sponsorship involvement, pay for city infrastructure repairs underserved by slow moving government funding but also to tap into public support due to lack of help from Katrina Relief (501c3) organizations.

    While you are making fun of helping New Orleans, what you should be doing is donating to the cause. You can do so by visiting http://www.cityofno.com/portal.aspx?tabid=86.

  2. Ann (unregistered) on February 18th, 2007 @ 11:15 am

    “While you are making fun of helping New Orleans, what you should be doing is donating to the cause.”

    Aren’t we defensive and sanctimonious. As I read it, Dan wasn’t making fun of helping New Orleans, but of yet another lame idea that the city wasted valuable resources paying to have developed and marketed. I think the people who have committed to staying in the city and rebuilding are doing much more to help than p.r. leeches who are sucking money from her faster than a kid with a slurpee on a July afternoon.

    You truly wanna help the city? Stop with the lame west-coast “cutting edge” crap and go gut a house or teach in an inner city school. Or, use your “media buys” and trumpet the fact that it was not Katrina but a failure of the federally funded and maintained levees that devestated the city. Oh wait- truth and advertising don’t mix.

  3. Chick Ciccarelli (unregistered) on February 18th, 2007 @ 12:22 pm

    First of all Ann, the Text To Give program is costing the City “0”. All advertising for the program is being paid for MediaBuys, PayPal or being donated. Secondly, we have not been paid a dime by the City to do anything we have worked on. As a matter of fact, we paid out over $190,000 out of our pocket to implement the sponsorship and support program.

    I suppose you could say that we are defensive and sanctimonious, and rightfully so, considering we’ve worked our butts off to try and make something positive happen for the City. Why? Because as human beings we should use whatever resources we have to help each other.

    I answer these blogs so that people will get the story straight. I hope that before you comment the next time that you’ll take the time to research the items being discussed. You’ll find out, just as many New Orleanians have, that we are not your enemy.

  4. Ann (unregistered) on February 18th, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

    You seriously expect people to believe that a corporation whose sole purpose is to make money suddenly decides to “use whatever resources we have to help each other.” and gets nothing in return? You don’t get a cut of the sponsorship money, if any ever materializes? Well, I “[took] the time to research the items being discussed” and found this loverly:

    03). Use Of Proceeds: All amounts paid to Agency shall be held by Agency, in escrow, on behalf of the City until such time as necessary for Agency to spend amounts as otherwise provided for herein, with the balance of such amounts being paid to the City (less amounts otherwise owed to Agency or other third parties for their services provided in connection with the Event and related activities). The escrowed money shall be non-interest bearing as it may relate to Sponsors. link to your site

    Soooo – you’ve worked your butts off and have made zilch. Not because you were not trying to make money, but because you failed. I live five hours away in a major metro area with close, historical ties to the city. We took in over 25K refugees after Katrina, opened shleters, found jobs and schools for people in a matter of hours. And in 12 months since last Mardi Gras, the best y’all can come up with is a Paypal fundraiser? Shoot – Craig did that within a couple of weeks of the event and at least I got a t-shirt out of it. And, I’m sure there are “amounts otherwise owed to Agency” that will come off the top of what ever is donated. You couldn’t even hang on to Glad?! Harrah’s wouldn’t pony-up? Carnival or another cruise line that docks there? You set the proud city of New Orleans up as a charity. That’s your idea. And you didn’t even publicize it! Repeat, I live 5 hours away – a short jaunt, really – and I heard BUMPKUS about this text thing until Dan posted about it. What’s your next big idea – frachising Mardi Gras to Des Moines and Paducah? Jeez.

    From another NOLA blog:

    “The thing is, MediaBuys doesn’t deserve credit for this. Heck I could have set this up for the city for free months ago. I’m sure you only need to fill out a form and register as a charitable organization in order to get PayPal to go along. No, MediaBuys appears to be half-@$$ing it after months of not being able to even get a small sponsor for this year (or even a repeat sponsor, like Glad).”

    So don’t get all self-righteous. You personally may feel some twinge of pity for the city, but your company is in it for the money. To suggest otherwise is asinine and quite frankly insulting to the intelligence of the citizens of New Orleans and their supporters.

    One last thing – don’t you think that getting more people down there, spending money in local businesses and thereby generating moeny in taxes for the city as well as income for the businesses, is a better approach to rebuilding than trying to “brand” an event that defies all categorization? I think the salient point that has escaped MediaBuys, and the City government, is that Mardi Gras belongs to the people of New Orleans. It is the krewes and social clubs that make it happen, not the City. The City needs Mardi Gras, not the other way around. It will go on, with or without sponsors. And you still won’t make a dime.

  5. Brittney (unregistered) on February 18th, 2007 @ 5:39 pm

    “I suppose you could say that we are defensive and sanctimonious”

    Main Entry: sanc·ti·mo·nious
    Pronunciation: “sa[ng](k)-t&-‘mO-nE-&s, -ny&s
    Function: adjective
    1 : hypocritically pious or devout

    Freud, your slip is showing.

  6. Chick Ciccarelli (unregistered) on February 18th, 2007 @ 5:50 pm

    All points well taken, but not necessarily accepted.

    It has been our pleasure to work on this project on behalf of the Mayor’s office and the people of New Orleans. We have cultivated many important relationships that will likely continue for years to come.

    We wish the next company offering to help, a great deal of success and patience (especially with those as passionate as you about this subject).

    Thanks for your post, Ann.

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