What does New Orleans have in common with Richmond VA?

Well, I didn’t know either. I lived in Virginia Beach for awhile before coming back to New Orleans pre-Katrina. Didn’t really know or pay attention to what was going on in Richmond frankly. Who would? Well the morning show at the radio station has been focusing lately on cities the same size or close to the same size as New Orleans, not to see if we can be like them but to see how they are overcoming some of the problems that we are facing here.

Doug Wilder was the Governor of Virginia at one time. He is currently the Mayor of Richmond. Morning show host Shane Warner had Mayor Wilder as a guest Thursday morning. You can listen to the interview here: http://wistradio.com/shows/swarner.php

It should be required listening to everyone who loves New Orleans, especially Ray Nagin. We don’t need 400,000 people here to be a great city and also to be the cultural influence that this city has shared with the planet Earth for the last 200 years.

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  1. Jack Ware (unregistered) on February 22nd, 2007 @ 2:32 pm

    Thing is, I don’t think the mayor can do that. I still believe its all those people who don’t live here and voted that got him back into office (I have no proof of that). He may play it up like he has an obligation to the black community to bring people back but I don’t buy that. He has an obligation to his career as a politician. Nagin is doing what’s best for Nagin and I refuse to believe he gives much of a damn about this city beyond the notoriety and power it gives him.

    All that aside, the people likely to leave are the people with the most means to leave. It’s people who can go to another city and get higher paying jobs and buy a somewhat bigger house. So where is the tipping point where the percentage of the population that is illiterate, impoverished, criminal, substance abusive, unemployed, etc, becomes so high that the average citizen is forced to leave?

    To put it very bluntly, in a shrinking population when all the doctors leave because they can but the crack heads stay because they have to what option does that leave for someone like me? I’d like to think that the changing population dynamic would enable the criminal justice system to become effective at some point and pull the city out of the death roll, but I’m not sure of that either.

    Sorry for the long comment but its a good post and worth thinking about.

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