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I hope y’all will forgive me for not writing for so long. Someone has taken notice of the work that Karen and I do here in the city and is realizing the value of citizen journalism in New Orleans right now. We might get paid to create some new information related projects. In case you aren’t aware, we do what we do here at MB for free. We learn a lot about what matters from you. Some of us in the blogosphere have taken it and run with it. Applying for funding is tedious work.

While recovery is continuing in fits and starts, or as in the Road Home, stalling out completely, we seem to be flying through the seasons. Spring is upon us, Daylight Saving time is already here, we’ve passed through fog season, the Saints as heroes, Mardi Gras, and now St. Patricks, Super Sunday, St. Josephs’ Altars . . . and, my favorite, gardening season.

We are entering the prettiest time of year now, before we get the summer heat smackdown. It’s time to de-winter the garden of weeds and yuck. I did the post-MG vegetation cut-back and made my first trip across the river to the gardner’s mecca. If you garden, you know what I am talking about. If you are a novice gardner, New Orleans is the place for you. Stick it in the ground, water and watch it grow. When all things recovery are in limbo, you have your yard. Something you can impact. My lawn mower is in the shop getting a tune up. It’s time to start weeding, turning, planting and mulching. I am anxiously waiting for the Crepe Myrtle to bust out of it’s winter sleep.

The photo on the left is of my friend Emily’s garden. When she goes on vacation in August, I am tasked with watering duty. She has so many plants that I get a cramp in my hand from watering but it is so gorgeous, it’s very rewarding. We have both been inspired by the gardens of local residents over the years, Emily admits it can be obsessive. In the summer, we spend many hours in her back yard paradise, waiting for the wild parakeets to come visit. We stay out there when the bugs get bad, spraying and swatting, enjoying long hours of conversation, music and her great meals.

If you are a local gardner, you will recognize the photo on the right. The first commenter to name the place where these wagons live wins a gift card for this nursery. I told Emily that she is not eligible.

Oh and hey, it’s Garage Sale Season too : try Ingrid’s at 3921 Laurel St, Sunday, from 8am – 2pm. A reward for the people who check in on Sunday.

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  1. Stacy (unregistered) on March 18th, 2007 @ 11:59 am

    Laureen ~

    I met you at Kim and Craig’s wedding and I have continually read your posts here at MetBlogs and I have said it in other forums that you are truly a beacon of light down there. You are one that is going to distance for your city and there should be more people like you down there!! I enjoy your writing. Keep it up!!!

  2. Eric (unregistered) on March 18th, 2007 @ 10:24 pm

    I went to Banting Nursery but did not see that many wagons so I would guess that is not it. My favorite nursery was Exotic Gardens but they closed several years ago. Its time to get some things done in the yard.

  3. Laureen (unregistered) on March 18th, 2007 @ 10:30 pm

    Thanks so much, Stacy. This and the many cheerleading readers mean a lot to me. Karen and I have learned that one special value of blogging is the feedback we get regarding what people want to know. I call it “Launch and Listen”. Our new projects stand to make lasting impacts related crime and blight in the city as well as creating another way for citizens’ voices to be heard.

    Thank you again for the pat on the back. There’s a group of very talented people trying to make things better here in the city by lending their talent to these new projects. We are pushing city leaders with it. I would love for the people on our team to be compensated so that these projects can make a lasting impact. I plan to report on them when they are more established.

    It’s an honor to be in the unique position I find myself in today. Writing for MB has been a big part of this because I have connected with a lot of very enthusiastic and talented people through my writing and through listening to the readers and writers on MB.

    Your comment helps us stay motivated. We’re really tired down here with so much work to do in this very broken city.

  4. Laureen (unregistered) on March 18th, 2007 @ 10:43 pm

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We have a winner ! Eric, you are right. I usually never see this many wagons parked all at once at Bantings because they are out on the grounds, in use. This was a fun photo to take. A fun photo safari in general. I looked at Bantings differently, the camera changes my perspective.

    Thank you for posting your comment, even though you had some doubts.

    Now if someone wants to offer the best driving directions to Bantings, LOL, that would be worth another prize right there. Seriously.

  5. termite (unregistered) on March 19th, 2007 @ 8:51 am

    laureen, i’m just getting in and what a treat to read your blog! wonderful!! =D
    had i been on it sooner i would have won! i’m sure of it!! :/ gardening is one of the most rewarding pleasures of life! it’s my therapy.

    *directions to Bantings, 3425 River Road, Bridge City, piece of cake. drive over the bridge and stop at the Exxon and ask the dude behind the register for directions.

    *thanks again laureen – always a treat.
    works everytime. ;D

    Talens on Ponchartrain Blvd. in Lakeview is my fav. ;)
    sorry to say they tore down the big ole house in the front. they ARE comming back, slowly.

  6. tm (unregistered) on March 20th, 2007 @ 6:57 am

    I drove pass Talen’s last week and I didn’t see the house or the little black boy fishing. It broke my heart. Perino’s has a great sale going on right now.

  7. Laureen (unregistered) on March 20th, 2007 @ 3:07 pm

    Talens, haven’t been there. Maybe we could talk about plant kidnapping here? As Mother’s Day approaches, I will wait and see what walks off my porch. LOL

  8. Sis (unregistered) on March 20th, 2007 @ 5:42 pm

    Emily’s garden looks positively delicious! I still have a few months yet before the grass here will even turn a shade near green…I yearn for that lush green.
    It must be that Emily is such a wonderful hostess, how could a plant not flourish under her care?

  9. rcs (unregistered) on March 21st, 2007 @ 9:58 am

    Ahh, the plant thieves. One of my neighbors is an avid gardener and often puts her extra roses and whatnot in giant containers across the street from my house (in front of the empty parking lot with the razor-wired fence.) For a while this included bougainvillea, which would THRIVE in spite of the infrequent attention they got.

    Unfortunately once the bougainvillea reach a certain size some asshole in a pickup truck invariably stops and snags them. I told my neighbor to let me know when she was going to plant again – I’m going to pour 6″ of concrete in the base of those planters!

  10. termite (unregistered) on March 21st, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

    laureen, talen’s is only open for private landscaping at the moment. :(

    *keep an eye on your splitleaf philodendron …
    heh heh..

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