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Remember how when you were a kid, you just wanted a pony? Some of our more ambitious endeavors of late really are like asking for a pony. Or maybe a Unicorn. Karen and I began our day today by listening to the tired poor minister/shyster story we have heard about 100 times. He’s got his pony idea too. ” We’re planning on getting a piece of the Providence Community Housing pie” . . . . he has no formal agreement lined up. They are just broke and not even creative enough to take out the wet carpet, nor get a roof on this house in 18 months. Jesus isn’t helping them out, they better get to prayin’ harder.

On the way to Franklin Ave, Karen said she’d been having this headache . . . she pulled out her pill stash and took a couple of what she thought were her migraine meds. She has been trashing all her reading glasses at warp speed this week. So, it wasn’t all that surprising when, a minute later, she says, “I just took two ambien, on accident!” I have to meet Chris Rose at 6pm ! Chris Rose was on the agenda to tour her NW Carrollton neighborhood for Mr. Russell, the mad junk car tow-guy who is using the neighborhood as his junkyard.

She said that was double the dosage but she often splits them in half too. I was worried. “So, do I take you to Touro?” We have recently concluded that it would actually be best if one of us died to get more funding for our projects. The Ellen Montgomery show which Chris Rose wrote about a couple weeks back illustrated the benefit that death adds to the value of your portfolio. Karen insisted she’d be ok. I figured we go take some photos on the list and get her back home.

Cruising Franklin Ave. in the Eighth Ward, we heard these toy siren and intermittent squakbox sounds coming from somewhere stage left. It was this guy in a truck which was decorated with jesus figurines and what-not and he had a big decorated pony as his hood ornament. I hook a fast U to catch up to him so we could get his photo. Karen did a fine job as the shooter even though she was feeling kinda loopy. We asked him where he was going. “To the Bridge”, he replied. We don’t know what that meant.

Later we checked in on the chat:
Karen: What is new
Sent at 8:16 PM on Friday

me: are we really ‘off’ tomorrow?
that is new. I did not notice Sat has survived the week open.
Did you meet Chris Rose? Did Brian call you?

Karen: yes to chris rose
no to brian

me: what happened with Chris Rose?
How is the overdose going?

Karen: We went out looking for Mr.Russell
me: and he was on his weekend already?
Who all went? Did Fred Faget go?

Karen: Everyone was out in the hood
me: Did he meet Mr. Beasley?
my favorite guy?

Karen: when we said we were looking for Mr Russell they all laughed
A lot of elderly ladies

me: well, so no Russell

Karen: No Just his piles of tires
me: I like how he put that topper on the truck after I clicked my photo.

Karen: I am still od’d

me: When I wasn’t lookin
Did you tell Chris you were od’d?

Karen: No, But I love that pony photo

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  1. Tracy (unregistered) on April 1st, 2007 @ 3:23 pm

    You truly have delusions of saving the world. Nobody cares, get a real job, stop wasting your time and do something substantial. I could pay you to rearrange my library by subject matter.

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