Soo-prize, soo-prize, soo-prize

Not that any of this comes as a shock, given the unprecedented confusion, shock and utter incompetence in the wake of The Late Unpleasantness — but dang. We missed out of getting some real, honest-to-God furriners in here to help us out. It was great enough to see the National Guard folks from Oregon, but to have real Estonians and Greeks in here after the storm? Highly cool. Imagine all the impromptu parties that would have taken place post-K. We missed out — big-time.

I am always very, very skeptical of reports coming from groups that pretty much have a pre-set agenda. Not that I have anything against CREW, nor do I doubt their sincerity. But, like the Heritage Foundation, you kinda know where they’re coming from as soon as you see the name attached. Any group that combines the words “ethics” and “Washington” in its name (like the words “bayou” and “bagel”) appears to me to be a group that is trying to build a bicycle out of cement — maybe they have a good idea, but the application is out of place. I dunno. I feel the same way about groups that try to use patriotic-sounding names or words (“heritage”, f’rinstance) to lend credence to what they do.

I’m glad we have these kinds of “watchdog” organizations — really. I’m really, really not kidding. Like many dogs (and no, we don’t own one), they bark and bark and bark at something they hear in the night and maybe there IS something out there and maybe there IS a threat and, my goodness, aren’t you glad you had that dawg? I mean, that intruduh could have just busted in and. Lord have mercy, could have GOTTEN YEW! Praise the Lord….

Advice to other nations in the event of the next big disaster in the US — it is much, much easier to apologize than to get permission. Just ship all your stuff (including your search-and-rescue teams and other personnel) to Mexico. Everything and everyone will cross our border easily and you’ll be set up in the middle of New Orleans (or any other locale) within 48 hours — providing the help and humane response you’ve intended.

And no — this isn’t a rant against current immigration policy nor against the Mexicans (without whom, by the way, our city would be much, much less rebuilt, thank you). It’s just a simple statement of fact.

But y’know?

It’s been nearly two years. And it’s JazzFest. I got daincin’ to do.

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