Positive is Negative, Negative is Positive

I hear this all the time. Why is everyone so negative? Why don’t we hear about the positive stories? Ok, let’s see. Camelia Grill re-opened last week. Jazz Fest has had good crowds. Saints seem to have some possible Super Bowl mojo working for later this year. What else….we had a weekend with only two murders. That’s a 50-50 thing I guess. I could make some shit up I guess. All the houses are gutted and rebuilt. There are no potholes on any street in Orleans Parish. The levees are 50 feet high and built of lava. City Park golf courses are re-opened. Does that work for ya?

I try and view my city, my life and therefore my world with a open mind. I don’t expect anyone to agree with things I may say. I don’t expect everyone to agree with how I run the radio station. Frankly I don’t WANT anyone to just agree blindly with everything that is said or done anywhere.

I do think that’s where we have gone wrong as a city, state and country. It seems the majority of people think that everyone should think like they do. That we are all part of a group and if we’re not in line with that group, then you’re the devil-period.

I rip Mayor Nagin for all of his mis-steps. And they are plentiful. Does that mean that I think the guy is pure-evil? No it doesn’t. It just means I don’t agree with the way he is handling the business of re-building this city. Does it mean that I can’t agree with Mayor Nagin on some points? No because I do agree with him on a couple things. While I think he grossly over-paid for the clean-up contracts for the French Quarter, it certainly smells better than it has in years, possibly centuries. But I do think the can issue is a freaking disaster. So you know it is possible to agree and disagree with someone at the same time. It seems though that it’s a lost art. It comes across to me that this country/state/city has become so fractured along the lines of race, creed, sexuality that everyone is part of some group. The preservationist. The liberals. The conservatives. The gays. The straights. The blacks. The whites. Well you know what? I can see all their point of views. And I can also say some of them are sane and some of them are fucking crazy.

I run a conservative radio station. Call me names now, I really could care less. Call me a hate-monger if you like, it’s America and I know I’m not a hate-monger so you’re free to say what you will from my view. Do I agree with everything that is said on the radio station? Hell no. But that’s the point. If you are only willing to hear or listen to the people or the things that you agree with or that play to what you think life is about then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. If you think your ideology is THE ONLY IDEOLOGY, then your part of the problem.

We are in a very special time in New Orleans. And I don’t mean that in some “Oh we are all blessed” kind of way. I mean that we are going through something that possibly no one else in the history of America has gone through. Does that mean that we should cover our eyes to all that is hard or bad or tough in this area? How do you recover and re-build without taking a very hard look at who we are and what we are doing for the future? Is the best way to re-build this city based on only looking for the positives or only discussing the positives? I hate to tell you but human nature tunes out when things are going good. Need an example? Just look at this area before Katrina. You know what the biggest discussion around town was on August 28th 2005? Can you remember? I went to the archives to find out. Hmm, a big story about turtles. The Republicans hating on Kathleen Blanco. Was anyone in this town talking about correcting the blight problem? Was anyone talking about the horrid education system in this city? No we were basically talking about what food was our favorite, what local group was our favorite and where the next party was. Are those bad things to be focused on? At that time, things were moving along, still had a bunch of crime, bunch of murders but no one was looking at the 10,000 homes that were blighted. The majority of people were not looking at the crime and wondering what the hell was going on. They/We were looking out for ourselves. Period the end.

I understand the people who want things back the way they were. I understand that looking at your faults is hard. I understand people wanting to not worry about Road Home money. I understand people tiring of recovery discussion. I/We get fucking tired of talking about it. Can you possible understand how frustrating it is to hear Mayor Nagin tell a group of local journalists/TV people/Radio people that “Everything I say is in the SPIRIT of TRUTH” and no one, fucking no one calls him on it? And when the little locally owned radio station ask him to clarify that we get black-listed off the fax and e-mail list?

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Dan, once again, your anger glazes over what positive there is in your city. For those of us who live out of town, your blog (most times) acts as a deterrent rather than a magnet for New Orleans. Such a pity.

I’m not here to tell you why you should come visit and spend your money. I’m not responsible for putting out the good word about New Orleans. I’m going to write about the things I see and hear. I frankly don’t want this city depending on tourism to survive. We have been there and done that. Are we going to do the same things that got us in this shape in the first place? You turn a blind eye to everything bad and move on to the next festival, to the next bowl of turtle soup? The way things are looking we are headed down that same path. And I guess that’s where a majority of people want this city to go. Back to tourism. Back to blight. Back to crime and murder. Until the majority of people tune in and pay attention to the obstacles that this area faces for the next 10 years, then we’ll just be here. Not going anywhere, but we’re here. Rudderless on a ship with no compass.

Maybe it’s time I check out of MetroBlogging. The reason I write, not sure about anyone else, is to hopefully put a light on things in a somewhat humorous way that I have an interest in. I have a keen interest in making New Orleans a better city for everyone who loves this city. My interest may not vibe with yours. You may only want YOUR life to get better. Ok, that’s not a problem. That’s your right. But please let those of us who are willing to FIGHT for a better city lead the fight without arm chair quarterbacks wondering why we’re being so mean while we push forward.

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  1. Heather (unregistered) on May 3rd, 2007 @ 4:42 pm

    Don’t let a comment get you down – negative feedback feels crappy but it means you are getting your ideas out there – remember that most people write in to tell you that you suck – the ones who think you are awesome usually don’t bother with commenting.

    That being said, I think you are awesome.

  2. Craig (unregistered) on May 3rd, 2007 @ 5:24 pm

    As someone who wrote the news for over 30 years, I can tell you I’ve heard from plenty of people who say, “why can’t you report the good news?” Well, sometimes we do. But y’know? Usually, if it’s good, it’s not news. Man’s checkbook balances! No traffic tie-ups on I-10 in Metairie! Mayor Nagin pleases entire crowd!

    Not that this is a news operation, of course. It’s a community blog. It’s as if you walked into a crowd of strangers and immediately started commenting out loud about everything going on around you. Nice shoes, tubby. Lord, baby, who told you that you’d look good in THAT? This food sucks — but that over there looks pretty good. Nice building, but outrageous prices. Can you keep it down mister? Jeez — what a lardass.

    …and any such endeavour is going to draw a fair amount of negative reaction — partly because some just disagree and partly because some just don’t understand and partly because there’s no Asshole Vaccine to protect us from people who are just assholes.

    I say continue to put it Out There. You’re saying things some folks don’t have the words or the ability or the balls to say. You’re lucky to be involved in two forms of expressive media — too many folks can’t effectively manage just one. I say use the hell out of this one.

  3. Nina (unregistered) on May 3rd, 2007 @ 7:37 pm

    There is good and bad with the city at the moment, no question.
    I think there are some folk’s who are just sick and tired of the ranting. And yes, there are some who feed off of it…
    It’s not about sticking one’s head in the sand. But, I believe from my own point of view..it’s just gotten old…very, very old. and yes, boring.
    Can’t we do better?

  4. rcs (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 3:13 am

    I think the negative stuff you cite is pretty obvious to everyone who’s chosen to stay here, and there’s nothing particularly interesting about restating it in the manner you choose. It’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with you; it’s more like, well, you’ve listed all these things that everyone seems to be upset about; other than the fact that you’re upset about them too, what do I now know after slogging through a 700-word post? That Dan Is Upset. Well, join the club.

    Hence the yawn.

  5. Stacy (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 7:15 am

    Dan! After reading your blog for SO long now, I’m wondering how I missed the day that you started caring what everyone else thought. Frankly, that is part of your charm. I love that you say what you want and don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks. Everyone has the right to say what they want to say.

    For those who think he’s saying “nothing particulary interesting” or they think that his anger “glazes over what positive there is” in his city, then here is one piece of advice:


    If for those who do not enjoy Dan’s blogs….GO SOMEHWERE ELSE. Who has you tied your ass to computer chair forcing you to come here?

    Just as Dan has the choice to post his feelings and thoughts here, y’all have a choice not to come here if you don’t like it.

    It really IS that cut and dry. Just don’t bother coming here anymore. Go read Rosie Rainbow’s “How to Ignore Reality and Blow 101 Kinds of Sunshine Up Your Own Ass” blog.

    I find it funny that y’all think it’s okay to be so utterly judgemental to Dan for blogging the way he does, yet, it’s not okay for Dan to be judgemental towards a city that sucks right now.

    I happen to enjoy your rawness, Dan. It’s hilariously refreshing. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  6. mike t. (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 7:58 am

    ..but the POINT is he pisses and moans about the same shit…….
    over and over and over and over and over and over……….. *yawn*
    Time to move on little doggie…

  7. Stacy (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 9:41 am

    So, Mike, tell me, since when has it been YOUR job to determine who can piss and moan, when they can piss and moan and how often they can piss and moan?

    If y’all are so bothered by it then…like you said….move on little doggies.

  8. Nancy Hamman (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 10:22 am

    I would love to come to Jazz fest, but how do people that cant afford 100 and some a nigt come to jazzfest and why should we pay that much understanding the crime in NO?

  9. Please (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 10:44 am

    If you come to JazzFest, yes, the chances are 99 percent that you’ll die. And it’s 98 percent certain tyou’ll be killed by black people. So please don’t go out. Keep reading about New Orleans at metblogs and freaking out. Join the racist a-holes from Central Missouri and whatnot who post to stories at nola.com and talk about how they laugh at New Orleans, etc.

  10. anon (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 11:21 am

    Dan is free to “piss and moan”. Of course, it is his post. Others are free to ignore it, NOT READ IT, or comment on it. Those who don’t like these comments can ignore them or complain about them as well. And so on. All part of the format.

  11. Lynn Brown (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 3:39 pm

    As a person displaced still by the storm I appreciate all of the different views and observations Metroblog offers so that I can get a true since of the progess, or lack of,happening in and around the city. Thanks to all of you for your time and thoughts.

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