SB 22- Never to see the light of day

For the past 20 months, thousands of voters in this area and this state have found out just how difficult it is in this state to recall a elected official. The way the law is written now, 33.3% of registered voters must sign a petition to start a recall. Senator Walter Boasso’s bill- Senate Bill 22 would change that to 33.3% of registered voters who actually voted in the election to start a recall petition.

Let’s play a little numbers game. Well do it the easy way. Currently, say 100,000 people are registered voters in Orleans Parish. To start a recall petition, you would need 33,333 registered voters. While we are lucky to get 25% of registered voters to even participate, obviously no petition is going to get off the ground. If the new law were to pass, say we got 40,000 registered voters in a certain election. To begin a recall, petitioners would need a little over 12,000 signatures to get a recall started.

My personal opinion on this is that is a good first step. Do I know for sure that it’s the best possible way to revamp the recall petition law? No I do not. But I also know that the way the law is written now, no one can do anything in regards to even beginning a recall. Is 33.3% of registered voters who voted too small a percentage? Could be. But 33.3% of registered voter’s period is completely out of reach. I know this because the radio station has followed may of these attempts and the petition’s couldn’t get any momentum whatsoever.

I am afraid though that the bill will never see the light of day anyway. Senate Bill 22 is currently in the Senate & Governmental Affairs Committee. Here is just a little bit of what this committee oversees: Government Ethics, Oversee Lobbying and lobbyists, Expenditures of funds by the Legislature and Rules or laws enacted to reorganize the legislative or executive branches of government among other requirements. Please note GOVERNMENT ETHICS.

Are you wondering why I think this bill will never ever hit the house floor? Wait until you see who’s on the committee: Charles Jones- Monroe, Derrick Sheppard- Marrero, Chris Ullo- Harvey, Edwin Murray- New Orleans, Cleo Fields- Baton Rouge, Reggie Dupre- Houma along with a couple that I am not very familiar with. What’s the big deal right? The big deal is that the majority of these “public servants” carry heavy baggage relating to transparency in government. Anyone seen the FBI video of Cleo Fields stuffing hundred dollar bills down his pants during the Edwin Edwards shake-down tour? Derrick Shepherd supported William Jefferson in the recent congressional election. Get the gist? We’ve got the fucking fox guarding the hen house.

Here’s your chance to actually make a difference. E-mail all of these jokers daily telling them to put this bill in front of the full house and senate. Then we can see who is really about reform in this state and who’s about keeping their lifetime jobs in politics. E-mail away people, or call, either way make a difference for once:

Senator Charles Jones- – (318) 362-5469
Senator Reggie Dupre Jr- – (985) 876-9902
Senator Noble Ellington- – (318) 435-7313
Senator Cleo Fields- – (225) 342-9793
Senator Rob Marionneaux Jr- – (225) 637-3623
Senator Derrick Shepherd- – (504) 371-0263
Senator Chris Ullo- – (504) 361-6690
Senator Edwin Murray- – (504) 945-0042

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  1. jack Ware (unregistered) on May 13th, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

    I’d really like to see that video of Cleo Fields if its around online. Anybody got a link?

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