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Jesus Christ.


I grew up in Cincinnati. It was a long, somewhat boring trip that landed me here in New Orleans. But had I known that enlightenment was just a short car ride away, perhaps I’d have never left. That’s right, in just under six days the Creation Museum is opening a couple hours’ drive West of Cincinnati out I-275. Had I only known.

I looked around a little and found out a little about them. first of all, here’s their site Please not the extensive presence of Dinosaurs on the page. I guess the gist of the whole $25 Million project is they’re a natural history museum, er, sort of. See they’re giving a creationist’s view of natural history. You’ll see the standard stuff like any other natural history museum….like Dinosaurs. Only, the creationists sort of ignore any information not explicitly found in the bible. So, using the bible as a guide, there are dinosaurs, uh, with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Nice. Also, I am to understand that there’s a fossil display from the Cretaceous period (I think that’s the period) in which human footprints are shown next to the fossils. And of course, the fossil record, contrary to any scientific proof, comes from the flood in Genesis. Except for the dinosaurs that were taken aboard the Ark, which died shortly after the flood. Wow. Just……wow.


Well, here is the obit for Mike the Tiger V, LSU mascot and, apparently, respected alumni, benefactor to hundreds, doctor of letters and, to read the solemnity, potential finalist for a Nobel Prize.

And, in his humility, I guess he never even knew. This makes him all the more worthy. At least to me. Sniff.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to diss LSU nor to favor any other school. I was just struck by 1) the length of this article (with quotes from all kinds of folks. Was the White House press office too busy to respond? I guess reaction from overseas heads of state is late coming in due to the time difference) and 2) its tone. I’m sorry this beautiful animal died and all but, um, dang. It’s not like he left memoirs, cobbled together a peace agreement, jammed with BB King, knew Jack Kennedy or even got anywhere close to Anna Nicole. Far as we know from this article, he doesn’t even have any blood relatives. Or maybe he does — but that’s for another article. Maybe he had some kinda love cub no one knows about yet. I can see the headlines already.

Hearts and minds

Seeing this just has me all atwitter, particularly since it’s going to tie up traffic in my neighborhood for at least a little while tomorrow. With our next presidential election a scant 17 months away, you can bet we’re going to be seeing plenty of these kinds of visits — at least from those who purport to give a rip. I also noted on last night’s Colbert Report that Howard Dean is putting in plugs for how his party would be helping New Orleans more than Them Other Guys. Sounds great for now, Howie, but I dunno. Those of us who live here these days are way less likely to buy either party’s horse hockey than before — and our Bullshit-o-meter had a hair trigger even before The Late Unpleasantness.


Dear Hillary/Mitt/John/Rudy/OtherJohn/Bill/Barack/AnyCandidate:


Sit down.

Shut up.

Look around.

Ask Questions.



Thank you.


Circle Jerks

Sam Brownback (R-Kansas);the former Virginia governor James Gilmore (R-Va.); the former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani; the former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee; Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.); Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.); Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.); the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney; Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.); and the former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson.

These douchebags want your vote!

Many Many thoughts

I noticed a commercial for Cox Communications today that struck me as a bit strange. They were tooting there own horns saying they were voted #1 in customer satisfaction. Well I guess #1 out of 1 is pretty good. Aren’t they the only Cable company in New Orleans? I guess that would make them #1 in customer dissatisfaction as well.

NOLA v. Memphis Saturday Night!


No, it’s not the dog

That icky smell that woke me up this morning isn’t a gas leak in your neighborhood — unless you live over near Murphy Oil in St. Buhnawd. They had a gas leak this morning. I’d post a link, but I can’t find one yet this early.

Anyway, the smell woke me up about 6am. I asked TBK if she could smell it, but she has a cold and couldn’t. So I stick my head outside to get the paper and the smell is freaking everywhere. I see neighbor Carol walking her dog across the street and asked her if she could smell it. She says, “I thought it was the dog.”

The Entergy folks filled me in when I called to tell them.

UPDATE!! Here’s what the T-P is saying about it. I’m getting pretty much the same thing from any other outlets.

“A mighty oak has fallen in God’s forest.”

One Down….

“The Bible warns us clearly that we must not attack men of God no matter how sinful they may have become or wicked in our eyes.” :Benny Hinn**

Yeah, well. Ya know, I really never have liked Jerry Falwell and now he’s dead. Eh, what do I care. Just another closed minded old man with archaic views passing on to either be with the God he profited from or, well, nothing at all. Be that as it may, let’s take a minute to remember his wonderful, inspiring words. Yes, let’s do exactly that.

Doctor Dan is in the Hiz-ouse

The lack of adequate health care in the New Orleans region has been a crisis for the last 15 months. In a recurring theme, local, state and federal officials are now concerned about our health, both the mental and physical aspects. Is a election occurring soon? That’s the only reason I can think of that the politico’s give a crap about something that everyone on the ground has been experiencing, again for what 15 months now? We certainly can’t let these folks die before they vote for me or make a contribution to my campaign is the line of thinking I believe.

No worries. Ray Ray doesn’t need to beg our Granny Governess for some help. Don’t need to walk around with your hand out Ray Ray. I’ve got this one covered for you cause Doctor Dan is in session, via the e-mail device.

Margins of Error

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More Photos

I understand that the Sewerage and Water Board must institute a raise in rates to help finance the comprehensive repairs to infrastructure since Katrina and I have acquired an affable ability to ignore a number of ‘bubbling ponds’ that have been a part of the New Orleans landscape for years. However, today, on a cruise to the Baumer Foods demolition site, we found a 4-ft geiser spewing like Niagra Falls on the property. It looked kinda refreshing on a hot summer day . . . a resident, however, informed us that this major leak has been raging for 4-DAYS. The street was flooded. My thoughts were; a) this is costing us money and b) this is sucking water pressure from the system which might be needed to fight fires. So I grabbed my handy hot sheet of municipal phone numbers and Karen and I got on the horn to see what the situation was at the other end of the S&WB regarding this waterfall.

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