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Since being home from Mexico, I am getting the full dosage of ‘all things not quite right’ that is our existence a la Nouvelle Orleans . . . today I went by the place on N. Roberston which I refer to as the Devil House. This is the house I referred to last year in my Fed the Fuck Up post regarding this drug dealing horror house in Treme. In the past year, the dealer has gone through the Eddie Jordan turnstyle a time or two and has been back up and running lately. A dead body is not enough to shut you down in the Big Easy. Upon returning from vacation, I was rather happy to see the house had finally caught fire. This is pretty bad, when your only hope of getting rid of a heroin dealer is fire. And as a matter of cynical fact, I had to admit that there’s a pretty good god damn chance he’s still operating out of here. Just a few weeks ago I got the photo of a bust in front of the house too.


Then tonight, I was about ready to go to bed and there was the sound of groundbreaking outside. I do my best to ignore it but I went to see what was up.

This is what was up:

I have related to Dangerblond’s frustration with the erratic nature of Sewerage and Water Board’s billing. I mean, utility bills are like a giant random Wheel of Fortune here. No rhyme or reason to the math. I tried to be positive about them digggin up the sidewalk at 9:30 at night . . workin hard. . . they are the most stressed department after all. Really, I’m trying to adjust to not adjusting. Today I learned that my friend’s house on Bellecastle has been broken into more than one time. A fellow blogger has been the victim of a break-in and purse-snatching. Despite these pain-in-the-ass things, I try my best to keep perspective, to feel fortunate . . . to say this happens in any big city. But ulitmately, I feel close to the abyss, I simply feel lucky, that I’m one of the lucky ones. So far.

UPDATE: The next day, I pulled up just in time to see the backhoe driven my one of S&WB guys smack into my neighbors truck which she had just bought this week.


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